Coral Gables is a beautiful and unique city. 

There are many trees and houses with ivy on them. 

The boulevards are green and sometimes people walk beside them. 

Coral Gables is in Miami-Dade County, southwest of Downtown Miami, close to the ocean. 

Coral Gables has 50,226 residents as of the latest US Census. 

Here are five things that you may not know about Coral Gables!

Coral Gables is a beautiful city. 

It's filled with trees, mansions and lots of green spaces. 

Tourists come from all over to visit the area because it has Spanish-inspired charm. 

The city is also famous for its financial and cultural district. 

Here are our top five picks for things to do in Coral Gables!

It is fun to find out about new cultures when you travel. 

And it is even more fun if you do not plan to stay there a long time or even forever. 

Coral Gables is in Miami, Florida. It has tree-lined boulevards and ivy-covered mansions. 

Tourists from around the world come to this city because it has a special feel for them. 

You can explore Coral Gables and get lost in its Spanish charm and canopied streets amid the bustling financial district of Miami. 

Here are our top five places to eat in Coral Gables!

Some people say that desserts are not good for you. 

They may be right. 

But if they make you happy, then they are good for you. 

Coral Gables has a lot of places with dessert where people can enjoy themselves and have a dessert at the end of their meal, even if it is bad for them. 

Here are our top five places to eat dessert in Coral Gables!

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