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Top 5 Instagrammable Places in Bay Harbor Islands

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Jul 11 7 minutes read

Get your best Insta-worthy poses ready as you escape to Miami's tiny sun-soaked town with a world of its own-- welcome to the two-islet neighborhood of Bay Harbor Islands!

Sandwiched between bustling Aventura to the north and Miami Beach to its south, the two compact and balmy kidney-shaped islets of Bay Harbor Islands lie east of North Miami and west of Bal Harbor/Surfside and north of the archipelago of small islands enclosing Biscayne Bay. 

To its south is Indian Creek Island, an exclusive community for the uber-rich.

Covering less than half a square mile, Bay Harbor Islands is both exclusive and accessible, with the town itself removed from the hustle and bustle of nearby metro Miami with Miami's abundant attractions within an easy drive. 

No wonder this sun-kissed town is a hit with tourists, especially those who prefer a more laidback coastal trip and lush scenery as a backdrop for their Instagram-ready snaps!

So enjoy this unforgettable Bay Harbor Islands adventure and relish the beauty it beholds!

Here are the top five Instagrammable places in Bay Harbor Islands.

1) Morris N. Broad Community Center 

1175 95th St, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154

If you're aiming for a vintage theme for your photos, a visit to Bay Harbor Islands' Morris N. Broad Community Center may be the "missing" piece of the puzzle!

A multi-purpose center in the heart of the East Bay Harbor Islands, home to the Community Services Department and a branch of the Miami-Dade County Library System, the Morris N. Broad Community Center is the life of Bay Harbor Islands, especially for tourists and locals looking to enjoy cultural attractions, events, and programs related to the local community.

Housed in a large cluster of Miami Modern architecture typical of the 1940s and 1950s, you'll find yourself surrounded by life and character at Morris N. Broad Community Center, not to mention all the fun activities you can enjoy apart from sightseeing and taking photos!

A must-see leisure spot in Bay Harbor Islands, indeed!

2) Dexter's Apartment 

1155 103rd St, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154

If you've been following the famous murder-mystery series, "Dexter," you won't want to miss out on seeing the actual apartment featured on the show right on Bay Harbor Islands, near Bay Harbor Club!

Head to the northern tip of East Island and find the whitewashed modernist apartment complex inhabited by the titular hero of the show-- yes, the same light blue-colored apartment doors and all-- quirkily named "Dexter Morgan's Apartment!"

While you won't be able to see the inside of the famous building, taking photos with the building's exterior view is still a good keepsake for your Dexter fan heart-- and a great conversation starter for fellow die-hard followers!

Just be sure to avoid illegally trespassing to respect the rights and privacy of the actual tenants!

3) Officer Scott A. Winters Park 

1145 98th St, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154

Situated in the middle of East Island is a Bay Harbor Islands park perfect for family recreation and nature-inspired photos, the Officer Scott A. Winters Park!

Named after a local hero, Officer Scott A. Winters Park is a local favorite nature spot for families and tourists with numerous recreational activities and amenities like park benches, pavilions, playgrounds, an interactive splash pad with water jets, and sculptural features.

Officer Scott A. Winters Park is also the ultimate go-to for dog owners, as it offers a separate expansive dog run and park at the adjacent 98th Street Dog Park.

So, bring Fido's leash, your best outdoor sneakers, and a smartphone for your IG-worthy snaps, and head to Officer Scott A. Winters Park -- there's fun and photo opportunity in every corner!

4) "For You" Sculpture - Romero Britto (West) 

Kane Concourse (96th St.), Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154

If you're on a quick walk to the western median of Bay Harbor Islands, right on Kane Concourse, don't forget to drop by Romero Britto's famous "For You" sculpture for an IG snap of his colorful sculpture! 

The simple yet meaningful art piece shines brightly and perfectly captures the essence of the Bay Harbor Islands that make up the tightly-knit neighborhood.

And since the "For You" sculpture is surrounded by residential homes, you're bound to get a "local" feel of the Bay Harbor Islands and may even meet an actual local for a grand tour of the quaint tropical community!

5) "Love" Sculpture - Robert Indiana (East) 

Kane Concourse (96th St.), Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154

Another must-see historical art piece (sneakily) placed on the Eastern median of Bay Harbor Islands, right on the famous Kane Concourse, is the "Love" sculpture by Robert Indiana. 

The said masterpiece is among the series of "Love" sculptures found in several cities and states across the United States of America.

Unlike the "For You" sculpture, the "Love" sculpture is found in the bustling part of the Bay Harbor Islands, so after taking dozens of snaps, you can easily walk to your preferred local restaurant or boutique shop for a quick bite or side-shopping!




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