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Explore Bay Harbor Islands

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Mar 12 9 minutes read

Comprised of two compact and balmy kidney-shaped islets, the neighborhood of Bay Harbor Islands is known as a sun-soaked town, sandwiched between the larger cities of Aventura to the north and Miami Beach to the south. 

The community lies east of North Miami and west of Bal Harbor/Surfside, and it is north of the archipelago of small islands that encloses Biscayne Bay

To the town's south is Indian Creek Island, an exclusive community for the uber-rich.

Bay Harbor Islands covers less than half a square mile and is separated from the Miami mainland by a causeway

Its two islands are better known as Broadview and Bay Harbor, the western and eastern islands, respectively.

It is home to 5,922 residents as of the latest US Census.

In many ways, most locals and tourists will agree that Bay Harbor Islands, despite its quaint size, offers the best of both worlds, with the town itself removed from the hustle and bustle of nearby metro Miami, yet the city's abundant attractions are within an easy drive

In fact, Miamians in the know choose to escape the buzz of the big city at Bay Harbor Islands, particularly at the community's west island (Broadview), for a more leafy and greener feel. 

This part of the Bay Harbor Islands boasts lush and tropical areas, complete with shady gardens and tall palms

The Eastern island, on the other hand, is where much of the entertainment on the islands happen, although many know that Bay Harbor Islands isn't the first destination you'd run to for a vibrant nightlife

That said, you'll find several popular restaurants clustered around the main concourse on East Island, which is also home to cafes, boutiques, drugstores, and car showrooms.

Of course, a less-than-appealing nightlife (or a non-existent one, as some partygoers may see it) doesn't mean boring! 

Bay Harbor Islands is still a top-notch tourist destination for its boutique shopping, iconic landmarks, and fun outdoor activities. 

For starters, retail fanatics can explore East Island's Kane Concourse,  home to a strip of boutiques that offer everything from jewelry to designer rugs and modernist furniture

Afterward, you can hit some putts at the four courses within five miles of the islands. 

The closest is at the Indian Creek Country Club, on the island to the south of the Harbor Bay Islands (but members-only). 

There's also Normandy Shores Golf Club on Normandy Isles to the south, which is more accessible to non-members, although you may find yourself sharing the green with an iguana or two.

Now, if you're craving for a more adventurous time outdoors, Bay Harbor Islands has you covered! 

You can cruise the waterways by boat and charter a twin or triple-hulled pontoon to circuit the islands before heading out into the Bay of Biscayne. 

You can also go north to the Oleta State River Park for calm waterways and bird watching, or cruise south and tour the small islets scattered in the north half of the bay. 

If a jet ski or fishing charter is more your style, you'll find a collection of hire firms on North Bay Island, a 20-minute drive to the southwest.

Are you looking to swim in the Atlantic Ocean? 

Well, you've got ten continuous miles of golden sand fringe the archipelago extending from Miami Beach north to Bal Harbor at your disposal! 

You'll find some of the best beaches at its northern extent at Bal Harbor, a well-heeled enclave worth visiting for its elegant, peaceful, and upmarket character. 

You can also head south to the world-famous Miami Beach for a taste of Miami's thriving nightlife and see some of the most beautiful and outrageous people on the sand and in the beach bars. Oh, and go for a swim, too!

The community also has its fair share of parks and recreational spots for a sunny weekend quality time with family and friends. 

Officer Scott Winters ParkSurfside Park, and North Beach Oceanside Park are three of the most frequented neighborhood parks in and around the islands.

After all this, Bay Harbors Islands doesn't sound all that uneventful, agree?

Kane Concourse


Normandy Shores Golf Club

Miami Beach

Although the neighborhood's two kidney-shaped islets are just a stone's throw away from each other (and pretty much comprises the quaint community), most will agree that both feel like something of a world apart.

Why is that, you ask?

For one, the western island displays the suburban side of Bay Harbor Islands, where many locals are boat owners, and properties are mostly luxurious waterfront properties with moorings and decks and single-family homes, creating a more family-friendly vibe. 

Meanwhile, the east island is more of the neighborhood's business district, where it proudly boasts a more mixed population, mid-rise condominiums, hotels, and higher population density.

In any case, BHI's two islands are packed to the gills with viable real estate, so it's not surprising that more people are enticed to start a family or retire in this area.

But what makes Bay Harbor Islands truly stand out?

Well, aside from being very walkable (in true Miami fashion), the township provides a free bus service that shuttles residents and visitors about. 

Life in BHI is also enhanced by community center programs, nearby schools and beaches, active downtown, and the town's proactive management

Oh, and don't forget, this unique neighborhood (despite its tiny size) is home to the largest cluster of Miami Modern architecture typical of the 1940s and 1950s, so you'll find your surroundings to be full of life and character, wherever you go.

Also, a small community is a CLOSE-KNIT community, and the assurance of knowing your neighbors and having one-to-one communication with the business community is always a welcomed bonus, especially if you're living alone or with a young family.

A highly-recommended neighborhood whether you're just starting or looking to retire!

A beautiful, sun-kissed neighborhood, and a highly-desirable place to live, work and relax.

A place where a resident can take care of basic errands and entertainment needs on foot-- a skateboard would work, too!

No extra bling, no pizzazz-- notably sans the signature Miami glitz and glamour.

Just a small town wedged between two vibrant cities with a promise of endless opportunities for fun and excitement – just across some very short bridges.

Welcome to Bay Harbor Islands!

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