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Miami’s 12 Best Burger Joints: Juicy Beef & Mouthwatering Vegan Options You Can’t Miss!

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Jun 15 19 minutes read

Miami's Burger Bonanza: The Best Spots to Bite into Juicy Goodness

Hey there, burger aficionados! 

If you're anything like us at the ALL IN Miami Group, you know that finding the perfect burger joint is like, uh, discovering buried treasure. 

And let's be honest, Miami is a goldmine. 

Whether you're a carnivore craving the juiciest patty or a vegan looking for the perfect plant-based bite, we’ve got you covered. 

So, um, loosen that belt, grab some napkins, and let's dive into the top eight best burger spots in Miami, plus three vegan delights that'll make you rethink everything you knew about burgers. 

Oh, and stick around because we're not just stopping at burgers. 

We’re also sharing fun facts and our absolute favorite desserts from each spot. 

Get ready for a full-on foodie adventure!

Oh, and one more thing – you absolutely have to stay until the end because we've got a surprise for you that you won't want to miss. 

Trust us, it's hotter than Miami in July (hint: it involves our team trying to survive the spiciest chicken wings). 

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Top 8 Burger Spots in Miami

(in no particular order)

1) Le Chick

Address: 310 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127

Favorite Burger: Royale with Cheese

Description: Next stop, Le Chick in Wynwood, where the burgers are so good, you'll forget about your New Year’s diet resolutions. 

The Royale with Cheese is a true showstopper featuring dry-aged beef, cheddar, and a special sauce that should come with a warning: highly addictive! 

Picture biting into a patty that’s perfectly juicy, with the rich, umami flavors of dry-aged beef. 

The cheddar melts beautifully over the meat, adding a creamy texture that contrasts with the crisp lettuce and tomato. 

The special sauce, with its secret blend of ingredients, ties everything together in a burst of flavors that leave you craving more.

Fun Fact: Wynwood, where Le Chick is located, is also home to the world's largest collection of street art murals.

It's like dining in an art museum, but way cooler because, you know, burgers.

Bonus Dessert: Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Description: For dessert, indulge in Le Chick's Churros with Chocolate Sauce. 

These golden, crispy churros are dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with a rich, velvety chocolate sauce for dipping. 

It's a sweet, crunchy delight that’s perfect for ending your meal on a high note. 

Just be careful not to inhale the cinnamon sugar when you laugh – it’s happened before.

2) Kush by LoKal

Address: 2003 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Favorite Burger: Frita Burger

Description: Welcome to Burger Nirvana! 

Kush by LoKal in Wynwood is a local favorite and for a good reason. 

Their Frita burger, inspired by Cuban cuisine, is a mouthwatering mix of spiced beef, guava jelly, and potato sticks.

Imagine biting into a perfectly seasoned patty, the spices dancing on your tongue, while the sweetness of the guava jelly melds with the savory beef. 

The crispy potato sticks add a delightful crunch that makes every bite a new experience. 

It's a flavor fiesta that keeps you coming back for more!

Fun Fact: Wynwood, home to Kush by LoKal, is famous for its vibrant street art. 

It’s like eating in an open-air gallery! 

If the burgers don’t get you, the art will.

Bonus Dessert: Crack Pie

Description: End your meal with Kush's famous Crack Pie, a buttery, gooey slice of heaven that’s both rich and addictive. 

It's the perfect balance of sweet and salty, with a texture that’s both chewy and crunchy. 

Trust us, one bite, and you’ll understand the name. 

Just don't tell your dentist!

3) Shake Shack

Address: 1450 S Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables, FL 33146

Favorite Burger: ShackBurger

Description: A classic that never disappoints, Shake Shack in Coral Gables offers the ShackBurger, a delicious combination of Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, and their secret ShackSauce. 

Simple, but oh-so satisfying. 

The juicy patty, fresh toppings, and creamy ShackSauce create a harmonious blend of flavors that make each bite a delight. 

The burger is perfectly balanced, with the right amount of crunch from the lettuce and tomato and the savory, juicy patty providing a satisfying base.

Fun Fact: Shake Shack started as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in NYC before becoming a global sensation. 

From humble beginnings to burger royalty – it's the American dream on a bun.

Bonus Dessert: Concrete

Description: Treat yourself to a Concrete, Shake Shack’s signature frozen custard blended with mix-ins of your choice. 

Whether you choose chocolate truffle cookie dough, salted caramel, or seasonal fruits, each spoonful is a creamy, dreamy delight that’s perfect for ending your meal. 

It's basically a party in a cup.

4) Pincho Factory

Address: 1250 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130

Favorite Burger: Tostón Burger

Description: Pincho Factory is where innovation meets tradition. 

Their Tostón Burger replaces buns with crispy plantains, creating a unique Miami twist that’s both crunchy and juicy. 

Imagine the perfect bite – the savory beef patty, fresh lettuce and tomato, and the crispy, salty plantain buns that add a delightful crunch. 

The plantains are fried to a golden brown, providing a sturdy yet flavorful base that enhances the burger’s overall taste. 

The combination of the juicy patty and the crispy plantains creates a texture contrast that’s simply irresistible.

Fun Fact: The Tostón Burger at Pincho Factory was inspired by traditional Cuban cuisine, making it a true Miami original. 

It's like a culinary passport without the TSA lines.

Bonus Dessert: Churros with Dulce de Leche

Description: End your meal with Pincho Factory's Churros with Dulce de Leche. 

These churros are perfectly fried to a golden crisp, dusted with cinnamon sugar, and served with a decadent dulce de leche sauce for dipping. 

It's a sweet, indulgent treat that pairs perfectly with their savory burgers. 

You might need an extra order for the ride home – we won't judge.

5) Blue Collar

Address: 6730 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138

Favorite Burger: The Real Juicy Cheeseburger

Description: In the MiMo District, Blue Collar serves up burgers that would make even your grandma jealous. 

The Real Juicy Cheeseburger is an explosion of flavors with its double patties, American cheese, and caramelized onions. 

Each bite offers a symphony of textures and tastes - crispy, juicy, and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. 

The patties are cooked to perfection, with a slight char on the outside and a juicy center. 

The caramelized onions add a sweet, savory note that complements the rich, creamy American cheese. 

It’s comfort food taken to the next level, guaranteed to satisfy your burger cravings.

Fun Fact: The MiMo District is known for its unique mid-century modern architecture, adding a nostalgic vibe to your burger experience. 

Think of it as a trip down memory lane with a burger in hand.

Bonus Dessert: Bread Pudding

Description: Finish your meal with Blue Collar's Bread Pudding, a warm, comforting dessert made with rich, custardy bread studded with raisins and topped with a drizzle of caramel sauce. 

Each bite is a perfect blend of soft, creamy, and sweet, making it the ultimate comfort dessert. 

It's like a hug from your taste buds, but better because it involves caramel.

6) Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

Address: 8215 Mills Dr, Miami, FL 33183

Favorite Burger: Traditional Cheese Burger

Description: Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen knows how to do comfort food right, and their Traditional Cheese Burger is no exception. 

This burger features a perfectly seasoned beef patty, melted cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, pickles, and onions, all tucked into a soft, toasted bun. 

It’s a classic, done to perfection. 

The burger is juicy and flavorful, with the melted cheddar adding a rich, creamy texture. 

The fresh toppings and soft bun complete the experience, making each bite a delightful journey back to burger basics.

Fun Fact: Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen takes pride in making their dishes from scratch every day, ensuring each meal is fresh and full of flavor.

Bonus Dessert: Cheddar's Legendary Monster Cookie

Description: Don’t miss out on Cheddar’s Legendary Monster Cookie. 

This dessert is a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. 

It’s a decadent, over-the-top treat that’s perfect for sharing (or not).

7) BurgerFi

Address: 136 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Favorite Burger: The CEO Burger

Description: Let's take a detour to BurgerFi in Coral Gables. 

Known for its all-natural Angus beef, the CEO Burger is a top contender with double Wagyu and brisket blend patties, homemade candied bacon-tomato jam, and truffle aioli. 

It’s a CEO-level experience without the corporate jargon. 

The rich, savory patties are complemented by the sweet and smoky bacon-tomato jam, creating a burger that’s sophisticated yet utterly comforting. 

The truffle aioli adds a luxurious touch, elevating the flavors to new heights. 

Each bite is a perfect balance of savory and sweet, with a depth of flavor that makes this burger truly exceptional.

Fun Fact: BurgerFi's eco-friendly initiatives include using recycled materials in their restaurants and focusing on sustainability. 

So you can feel good about eating here – both because it’s delicious and because you’re saving the planet one burger at a time.

Bonus Dessert: Frozen Custard

Description: Cool down with BurgerFi's Frozen Custard, a rich and creamy treat available in various flavors.

Whether you opt for classic vanilla or a more adventurous flavor, each spoonful is a smooth, velvety delight that melts in your mouth. 

It’s like a hug for your soul.

8) Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Address: 12155 S Dixie Hwy, Pinecrest, FL 33156

Favorite Burger: Bacon Cheeseburger

Description: You can never go wrong with Five Guys. 

Their Bacon Cheeseburger is a masterpiece of simplicity done right. 

Imagine two juicy beef patties cooked to perfection, with crispy bacon adding a smoky flavor and melted American cheese oozing over the top. 

The burger is loaded with fresh toppings of your choice, from crunchy lettuce and tomatoes to tangy pickles and onions. 

Each bite is a perfect harmony of textures and flavors, making it a comforting and satisfying choice every time.

Fun Fact: Five Guys started in Arlington, Virginia, and quickly grew to become a beloved burger chain known for its fresh ingredients and customizable burgers. 

It's the fast-food equivalent of a customizable adventure – no two orders are the same!

Bonus Dessert: Milkshake

Description: Top off your meal with one of Five Guys' thick and creamy milkshakes. 

With flavors ranging from classic vanilla and chocolate to unique options like bacon and Oreo, each shake is made to order and perfectly complements their savory burgers. 

Just be prepared for brain freeze – it's worth it.

Honorable Mention: McDonald's

Address: Various Locations

Favorite Burger: Big Mac with Extra Sauce

Description: Okay, I admit it. 

Sometimes, you just need a taste of the familiar. 

The Big Mac with extra sauce is a guilty pleasure that never disappoints. 

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun – you know, the drill.

Add a little extra sauce, and it’s a flavor bomb that hits all the right notes.

Fun Fact: The Big Mac was created by Jim Delligatti, an early McDonald's franchisee, and has been a menu staple since 1967. 

It’s been around longer than me, and it’s still going strong!

Bonus Dessert: Guava Creme Pie

Description: Finish off your fast-food feast with a Guava Creme Pie. 

It’s a crispy, flaky pastry filled with sweet guava and creamy filling. 

It’s a tropical twist on the classic McDonald’s pie that you won’t want to miss.

Top 3 Vegan Burger Joints in Miami

1) Planta

Address: 850 Commerce St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Favorite Burger: Planta Burger

Description: At Planta in South Beach, the Planta Burger is a masterpiece. 

Made from lentils, mushrooms, and black beans, it’s topped with avocado, tomato, and a vegan aioli that’s simply divine. 

Even meat lovers might find themselves converted. 

The burger is hearty and flavorful, with a satisfying texture that rivals any beef patty. 

The creamy avocado and tangy aioli add layers of flavor that make each bite a delightful experience.

Bonus Dessert: Coconut Cream Pie

Description: Finish off your meal with Planta’s Coconut Cream Pie. 

This vegan dessert is rich and creamy, with a coconut filling that’s perfectly sweet and a crust that’s both tender and flaky. 

It’s a refreshing and indulgent treat that will leave you satisfied. 

Just be prepared to fight over the last bite.

2) Della Bowls

Address: 56 NW 29th St, Miami, FL 33127

Favorite Burger: Beyond Burger

Description: Wynwood’s Della Bowls serves the Beyond Burger, featuring a plant-based patty that tastes just like the real thing. 

Add some avocado, spicy mayo, and a side of sweet potato fries, and you’re in vegan heaven. 

The burger is juicy and packed with flavor, with the avocado adding a creamy texture and the spicy mayo providing a kick of heat. 

The sweet potato fries are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, making them the perfect accompaniment.

Bonus Dessert: Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Description: Indulge in Della Bowls' Chocolate Avocado Mousse, a rich and creamy vegan dessert that combines the smoothness of avocado with the deep flavor of dark chocolate. 

It’s a guilt-free treat that’s both healthy and delicious. 

It’s like dessert with a gym membership.

3) Love Life Cafe

Address: 2616 NW 5 Ave, Wynwood, FL 33127

Favorite Burger: Love Life Burger

Description: Love Life Cafe in Wynwood offers the Love Life Burger, an award-winning vegan burger made with a black bean patty topped with avocado, pickles, and their special sauce. 

It’s a flavor-packed bite that’s both healthy and satisfying. 

The black bean patty is seasoned to perfection, providing a hearty and flavorful base. 

The creamy avocado and tangy pickles add layers of taste, while the special sauce ties it all together in a delicious harmony.

Photo: Link to Photo

Bonus Dessert: Vegan Chocolate Cake

Description: Indulge in Love Life Cafe’s Vegan Chocolate Cake, a rich and moist dessert that’s made without any animal products. 

Each bite is a chocolatey delight that melts in your mouth, proving that vegan desserts can be just as indulgent as their non-vegan counterparts.

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And there you have it! 

The top eight burger spots in Miami, with my favorite honorable mention, three vegan alternatives, some sweet dessert recommendations, and a few fun facts to spice things up. 

So next time you're out and about, craving a delicious bite, you know where to go.

But wait, there's more! 

If your taste buds are still tingling and you're hungry for more culinary adventures, why not check out our ultimate guide to the best eats in Miami? 

We've scoured 57 neighborhoods to bring you our favorite traditional and vegan restaurants. 

It's a gastronomic treasure map that’ll have you eating like a local in no time. 

Just head over to and prepare to be amazed.

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Plus, if you need a dining companion, our team members Will, Vico, Jade, Mike, or Amit are always up for a meal.

They’ve got a knack for finding hidden gems and, um, an uncanny ability to finish two burgers faster than most people can finish one!

Oh, and for those of you who enjoy watching people suffer for your entertainment (don't worry, we won't judge), check out our take on the hit show Hot Ones

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So there you have it – delicious burgers, decadent desserts, and the best local tips in town. 

See you out there, Miami! 

And remember, life’s too short for bad food and boring real estate agents. 

Give us a call, and let’s make Miami magic happen together! 

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