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Continuum Club & Residences | Condos for Sale, Prices & Floor Plans

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Jul 9 27 minutes read

Introducing Continuum Club & Residences: Island Living with a Vibe of Its Own

Welcome to Continuum Club & Residences, the pinnacle of luxury living in North Bay Village.

This remarkable new development features 198 exquisitely designed residences and penthouses across 31 stories, crafted by the architectural visionaries at Arquitectonica and developed by the esteemed Continuum Company.

At Continuum Club & Residences, the first rays of sunlight illuminate modern, spacious interiors through floor-to-ceiling windows, revealing breathtaking views of the vibrant downtown Miami, tranquil Biscayne Bay, and the pristine beach. 

Envision yourself savoring your morning coffee while gazing at panoramic vistas from your private terrace — each residence is meticulously designed to surpass the highest expectations, offering a living experience that blends luxury with comfort.

The renowned service of the Continuum Company ensures that every detail is handled with precision, elevating the everyday to extraordinary. 

Before we delve into the luxurious offerings of Continuum Club & Residences, let’s explore the allure of its iconic location.

North Bay Village is more than just a location; it's a vibrant community rich in history, luxury, and innovation. 

Imagine a place where you can enjoy the best of both worlds: serene island living with easy access to the bustling city life of Miami. 

The island's lush, green spaces and scenic waterfront views provide a peaceful retreat from the everyday hustle.

Enjoy leisurely walks along the waterfront, indulge in gourmet dining, or partake in the vibrant nightlife just a stone’s throw away. 

North Bay Village is not merely a place to reside; it's a place where life is lived to the fullest.

Embrace a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury and convenience at Continuum Club & Residences, where your dream home awaits.

*All Photos are Artists' Conceptual Renderings*

Discovering the Hidden Gems of North Bay Village: Miami's Tranquil Treasure

North Bay Village isn’t just a location; it's a serene haven within Miami that embodies a unique blend of luxury and tranquility. 

Nestled on an island in Biscayne Bay, this community offers a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates relaxation with sophistication. 

Here are seven little-known facets of this exceptional enclave:

1) The Story of North Bay Village 

Originally submerged under the waters of Biscayne Bay, North Bay Village began its transformation in the 1940s. 

Developed initially with single-family homes, it has evolved into a luxurious community of high-rise condominiums and waterfront estates, providing residents with a unique blend of privacy and breathtaking views.

2) The Artistic Pulse Within 

While not widely known for its art scene, North Bay Village has a growing number of local art studios and pop-up galleries. 

These creative spaces offer residents a chance to explore contemporary art and discover local talent, making art a hidden gem within this island community.

3) Architectural Landmarks Beyond the Shores 

North Bay Village is home to historic sites like Shuckers Waterfront Grill, a beloved local eatery since the 1980s. 

The island’s mid-century modern homes also stand as architectural treasures, blending classic design with modern luxury and offering a visual journey through the area’s rich history.

4) Celebrity Footprints on the Sand

 North Bay Village has been a quiet retreat for numerous celebrities over the years. 

With its serene environment and stunning waterfront properties, stars like Scott Disick and Jamie Foxx have been drawn to the area, enjoying the privacy and exclusivity it offers.

5) Top-Tier Real Estate Deals 

The real estate market in North Bay Village is notable for its high-value transactions, including a recent penthouse sale at the luxurious Eloquence on the Bay for over $10 million.

This record-breaking deal underscores the area's desirability and the premium placed on its prime waterfront properties.

6) A Culinary Adventure Close to Home  

North Bay Village offers a vibrant culinary scene with renowned restaurants such as Benihana and Oggi Ristorante. 

These dining spots provide a range of cuisines, from Japanese teppanyaki to Italian classics, catering to the diverse tastes of its residents.

7)Wellness and Tranquility Overload

Wellness is a cornerstone of life in North Bay Village, with numerous spas and wellness centers offering top-tier services. 

Yoga studios and the serene waterfront parks provide peaceful retreats, ensuring that residents can rejuvenate both mind and body in a tranquil setting.

Why You'll Cherish Life in North Bay Village

Living in North Bay Village is a testament to a life where tranquility meets luxury. 

It's a place for those who value privacy, serenity, and an exclusive lifestyle. Here’s why:

Culinary Haven and Boutique Bliss: North Bay Village offers a delightful range of dining and shopping options, where residents can enjoy cozy cafes like Beach Bunny Cafe, upscale restaurants such as Benihana, and unique boutiques for a variety of culinary experiences and shopping pleasures.

Community Spirit and Social Harmony: This island is more than just luxury living; it’s about being part of a warm, welcoming community, with local events and waterfront activities like the North Bay Village Farmers Market creating a vibrant social scene where neighbors become friends.

Prime Position and Serene Seclusion: North Bay Village perfectly balances secluded island living with easy access to Miami’s vibrant city life, being just a short drive to Miami Beach and downtown yet far enough to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

Natural Splendor and Outdoor Fun: The island’s stunning waterfront and parks, such as Treasure Island Park, make it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities for jogging, boating, and fishing while soaking in the breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay.

Cultural Gateway and Artistic Proximity: Though the island itself is serene, its closeness to Miami’s cultural landmarks like the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts allows residents to easily partake in the city’s rich cultural offerings, enhancing their lifestyle with world-class artistic experiences.

 🗣️ Not interested in reading the rest of the article now, but would prefer to download the floor plans and more information about the project first? 

Click to Download Floor Plans and Marketing Material for Continuum Club & Residences

Welcome to Continuum Club & Residences: A New Landmark of Waterfront Luxury

In the tranquil embrace of Miami’s North Bay Village, a new pinnacle of luxury emerges: Continuum Club & Residences.

This exclusive development promises more than just upscale living; it offers a gateway to a lifestyle of unrivaled opulence and comfort.

Here, each day begins with breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline, framed by the floor-to-ceiling windows of your private residence.

Morning Radiance: Embrace a Fresh Start

Your day at Continuum Club & Residences begins in an elegant suite that redefines sophisticated comfort—a serene retreat where elegance and relaxation coexist.

As dawn breaks, the room is bathed in natural light, illuminating the finely crafted details and luxurious finishes.

Picture yourself starting the day with yoga on your private terrace, feeling the gentle breeze from the bay, or taking a morning swim in the vista pool overlooking Indian Creek.

Architectural Brilliance: Beauty in Every Corner

Designed by the innovative minds at Arquitectonica, with interiors curated by Funda Durukan, Continuum Club & Residences stands as a testament to architectural excellence.

Each home features expansive layouts that maximize natural light and offer panoramic views, seamlessly blending indoor elegance with the vibrant Miami lifestyle.

Culinary Experiences: Savor the Best

At Continuum Club & Residences, dining is elevated to an art form.

The on-site waterfront restaurant serves delectable dishes, transforming every meal into a memorable occasion, while the private dining spaces offer an intimate setting for personalized culinary experiences.

Enjoy a gourmet dinner with friends without leaving the comfort of your residence, or explore the Continuum Marketplace for a selection of fine wines and snacks.

Exclusive Opportunities: Pre-Construction Pricing

As of February 22, 2024, Continuum Club & Residences offers a range of luxurious options, from chic one-bedroom units to expansive three-bedroom residences and penthouses. 

Reflecting the commitment to exceptional quality, these pre-construction prices are anticipated to rise as the development progresses. 

Inventory is dynamic, so early engagement is advised for prospective buyers. 

Contact us directly for the latest updates on availability and pricing.

Discover Your Next Home

At Continuum Club & Residences, every detail, from innovative architectural design to bespoke amenities, is crafted to elevate your living experience. 

With a variety of layouts and finishes, there is a perfect space for every discerning buyer. 

Explore the current listings to find the setting for your next chapter. 

Reach out today to view these elegant homes and choose the one that aligns with your vision of luxury living.

Distinctive Living: A Collection of Prestigious Homes

Continuum Club & Residences offers a diverse range of units, each designed to cater to various lifestyles and preferences, all marked by unparalleled quality and sophistication.

Studio Residences: These intimate units, starting at 624 square feet, offer modern elegance and efficient living in a vibrant setting. Perfect for individuals who value both style and practicality, these residences provide a cozy yet luxurious environment.

One-Bedroom Residences + Den: Spanning approximately 1,070 to 1,170 square feet, starting from $1.15 million, these residences provide ample space for relaxation and productivity. With stunning views and premium finishes, they inspire a sophisticated lifestyle.

Two-Bedroom Residences: Ranging from 1,370 to 1,805 square feet and starting at $1.9 million, these homes are ideal for families or individuals who appreciate larger living areas. Breathtaking vistas and elegant interiors make these residences truly special.

Two-Bedroom Residences + Den: With sizes from 1,600 to 1,872 square feet and starting at $2.2 million, these units offer additional space for an office or guest room, catering to diverse lifestyle needs.

Three-Bedroom Residences: These expansive units, from 1,958 to 3,080 square feet and starting at $3.2 million, offer grandeur with private terraces and panoramic views, ideal for those seeking the ultimate in luxury.

Ultimate Luxury: Tailored Amenities for the Elite

Continuum Club & Residences offers a selection of top-tier amenities designed to fulfill every need and exceed every expectation.

Whether you wish to unwind by the resort-style pools with breathtaking Biscayne Bay views or revitalize in the exclusive wellness spa, each feature ensures a life of unparalleled luxury.

Indulge in a variety of activities at the private marina, explore the scenic jogging paths, or enjoy a movie night in the sophisticated private theater.

At Continuum Club & Residences, life is an elevated experience where luxury is not just a concept but a lifestyle. 

Here, every day is a celebration of comfort and elegance, making every moment a testament to your refined taste.

Embrace a life where every detail is meticulously crafted to provide an extraordinary living experience, where the beauty of the surroundings complements the elegance of your home.


198 residences

31 stories

Studios and one-to-three-bedroom residences and penthouses ranging from 624 to 3,080 square feet

City and water views from every residence 

Private outdoor terraces in each unit

Sub-Zero and Wolf integrated appliance package 

Up to 14-foot ceiling heights

Over 60,000 square feet of amenities

Waterfront Pool & Cabanas 

Boat Charter Services 

Dog Park with Wash Stations

Fitness & Movement Studio 

Resident Spa facilities

Golf Simulation Lounge 

Sports Courts 

Waterfront Restaurant & Private Dining Spaces 

Private Theater 

Private Marina

Continuum 24/7 Marketplace & Minibar 

Tesla House Car 

Club Lounge

Estimated delivery 2027

The Enchanting Appeal of North Bay Village: Where Luxury Meets Smart Living

Choosing North Bay Village as your home reflects both sophisticated taste and strategic financial acumen. 

This exclusive enclave offers not just luxury but also a wise investment. 

Let's explore why living here delights both your senses and your wallet, with a bit of humor that will have your financial advisor nodding in approval.

Financial Winds of Fortune: Sunshine and Savings in Florida

Tax-Free Paradise: More Sunshine, More Savings 

First on the list: Florida’s no state income tax. Imagine your paycheck staying fuller, perfect for those evening cruises along Biscayne Bay. 

More savings, more celebrations—it’s not just a perk; it’s a way of life.

Homestead Exemption: A Treasure for Homeowners 

For the savvy homeowner, Florida’s homestead exemption is a financial windfall. 

This isn't just a tax cut; it’s a reward. 

Declare your North Bay Village property as your primary residence and enjoy lower property taxes. 

That's a great reason to consider adding that luxury boat to your dock.

Booming Real Estate: Your Wealth Blossoms 

North Bay Village is more than a scenic spot; it’s a prime real estate investment. 

With property values appreciating steadily, owning a home here means your wealth grows as beautifully as the sunset views. 

Think of it as the golden egg in your investment basket.

Estate Planning Perks: Smooth Sailing Ahead 

Florida’s estate planning advantages are as delightful as its climate. 

With no estate tax, securing your legacy here is as breezy as an ocean wind. 

Ensure your twilight years are as golden as the sunsets from your penthouse view.

Retirement Oasis: Golden Years with Waterfront Views 

For those contemplating retirement, North Bay Village is not just a retreat; it's a paradise. 

With favorable tax conditions and a perpetual holiday atmosphere, retirement here is about savoring life to the fullest.

Entrepreneurial Hotspot: A Business Paradise 

North Bay Village’s economic climate is as inviting as its shores. 

With low costs and tax benefits, it’s a playground for entrepreneurs. 

Here, 'business casual' means closing deals from your yacht, anchored in the bay.

North Bay Village Living: Where Serenity Marries Sophistication

Why make North Bay Village your home? Because here, life isn’t just about existing; it’s about indulging in the exceptional. 

With exquisite dining and unique boutiques, every day unfolds like a new adventure. 

It’s not just a destination; it’s a way of life.

Gourmet Feasts and Boutique Beats:

Shuckers Waterfront Grill offers mouth-watering seafood paired with breathtaking views, creating perfect evenings where only the finest will do.

79th Street Causeway Shops is just a stone's throw away, with shops offering a delightful blend of unique and trendy, ideal for retail therapy without the hassle of a long commute.

Oggi Ristorante allows you to savor authentic Italian cuisine in an intimate setting, perfect for entertaining friends or enjoying a romantic night out.

In Conclusion: A Financial Haven by the Bay

Living in North Bay Village transforms every financial decision into a scenic investment, where your wealth flourishes under sunny skies and every moment is a celebration. 

This is luxury living that enhances every aspect of life, from your bank account to your leisure time. 

Here, life doesn’t just improve—it evolves.

Step into North Bay Village, where your financial savvy shines as brilliantly as the Florida sun, and each day concludes with a spectacular sunset. 

Isn’t it time your lifestyle mirrored your wise financial choices?

The Smart Move of Investing in Continuum Club & Residences: Where Luxury Meets Potential

Choosing to invest in a high-end pre-construction project like Continuum Club & Residences offers an array of benefits that savvy investors and discerning homebuyers are eager to embrace.

Here’s why getting in early on this upscale development can be more rewarding than waiting for the finished product:

1) Anticipating Value Like a Fine Wine: Invest Early, Reap Big: Investing at the pre-construction stage is like buying a renowned artist’s early work. 

Early buyers at Continuum Club & Residences aren’t just purchasing luxury—they’re securing future value appreciation. 

As the development progresses, the market value can soar, turning today’s investment into tomorrow’s jackpot.

2) Personalized Perfection: Tailor Your Dream Home: Getting in on the ground floor means more than smart financials; it means personalization. 

From choosing bespoke kitchen finishes to selecting the perfect marble for your bathroom, early investment allows you to tailor your residence to reflect your unique style and standards.

3) Cutting-Edge Comfort: Living in Tomorrow’s Innovation: With new constructions like Continuum Club & Residences, you’re not just buying a space; you’re buying into the future. 

Featuring the latest smart home technologies and top-tier amenities—from a high-tech fitness center to a serene wellness spa—these homes are crafted for those who live life at the highest level of sophistication.

4) Easy on the Wallet: Flexible Payment Plans: The charm of staged payments cannot be overstated, providing financial flexibility that traditional purchases lack. 

By spreading out payments over the construction timeline, buyers can manage their finances smoothly, making it easier to maintain their lavish lifestyle while investing.

Imagine investing in Continuum Club & Residences, where the only thing rising faster than your property's value is your excitement for the weekend. 

Here, your investment portfolio thrives alongside your love for luxury—because even the smallest details are designed to elevate your spirits.

Why Continuum Club & Residences? Because Here, Every Detail is Crafted for Excellence

Investing in Continuum Club & Residences isn’t just about buying property—it’s about securing a legacy. 

This is where innovative design meets meticulous craftsmanship, right in the heart of North Bay Village. 

It’s not just about owning a luxury residence; it’s about possessing a piece of the future—today.

Dive into the unique lifestyle offered by Continuum Club & Residences, where every day celebrates the foresight of your investment. 

Here, life isn’t just lived; it’s curated to perfection.

Why wait for tomorrow when you can own a slice of the future right now?

Invest in Continuum Club & Residences and watch as your life unfolds with elegance and sophistication, appreciated only by the truly discerning.

How to Transform Continuum Club & Residences into Your Ultimate Sanctuary

Picture a place where luxury isn't just promised but woven into every detail, where your comfort and convenience are paramount, and the environment exudes sophistication and charm.

Welcome to Continuum Club & Residences, your future haven of upscale living.

Continuum Club & Residences offers more than just a home; it presents a lifestyle tailored to those who appreciate the finer things. 

From personal concierge services that anticipate your every need to exclusive amenities designed for the elite, life here is all about indulgence.

The residences are crafted with impeccable attention to detail, ensuring that every space not only meets but surpasses the expectations of discerning tastes. 

Enjoy the serene views of Biscayne Bay and the vibrant Miami skyline from the comfort of your exquisitely designed home.

Choosing to live at Continuum Club & Residences means embracing a lifestyle where luxury is standard. 

Whether drawn by the vibrant energy of Miami Beach or the tranquil escape of your plush residence, here, you find the perfect blend of excitement and peace.

 It’s not merely about where you live but how you live—and at Continuum Club & Residences, your life is a testament to refined elegance.

Explore Continuum Club & Residences: Where Dreams Find Their Home

As we conclude our exploration of Continuum Club & Residences and the luxurious lifestyle awaiting in North Bay Village, consider this your invitation to start an extraordinary chapter of your life.

If this glimpse into life at Continuum Club & Residences has ignited your interest or painted visions of luxurious living, why not take the next step toward making one of these exquisite homes your own?

Starting this journey is as simple as reaching out with an inquiry or discussing what dreams of luxury living you wish to pursue.

Whether you seek detailed specifications or simply want to chat about what Continuum Club & Residences can offer, our doors are always open for conversation.

Your future home, brimming with possibilities, awaits your discovery.

Contact us today for an exclusive preview of the floor plans, the latest pricing, and current availability, and begin your journey to securing your place at Continuum Club & Residences in North Bay Village.

And just for fun: imagine living in a place where your biggest dilemma on a Friday night is deciding between a chef-prepared meal at the on-site restaurant or watching the sunset from your private terrace—talk about a luxurious 'problem' to have!


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DISCLAIMER: ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE.  Ian Bruce Eichner or Continuum Company (“Ian Bruce Eichner or Continuum Company”) is not the project Developer. This Condominium is being developed by 1755 JFK Owner LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Developer”). Any and all statements, disclosures, and/or representations shall be deemed made by Developer and not by Ian Bruce Eichner or Continuum Company and any purchaser agrees to look solely to Developer (and not to Ian Bruce Eichner or Continuum Company and/or any of his affiliates) with respect to any and all matters relating to the marketing and/or development of the Condominium and with respect to the sales of units in the Condominium. This is not intended to be an offer to sell, or solicitation to buy, condominium units to residents of any jurisdiction where prohibited by law, and your eligibility for purchase will depend upon your state of residency. This offering is made only by the prospectus for the condominium and no statement should be relied upon if not made in the prospectus. All features, specifications, brands, and matters of detail are conceptual only and should not be relied upon as representations, express or implied, of the final details of the residences or condominium. The Developer expressly reserves the right to make modifications, revisions, omissions, and changes without notice. Certain features may not be included with all units. Square footage and ceiling heights are all subject to change. The developer makes no representations regarding views from any particular unit. Your purchase agreement will detail items included with the Unit.  

The legal name of the Condominium is 1755 JFK CAUSEWAY CONDOMINIUM. The condominium association contemplates entering into a Brand License Agreement with CONTINUUM OTB BRANDING LLS, a Delaware limited liability company (“Licensor”) to allow the condominium to be known as Continuum Club and Residences. In the event that the Brand License Agreement is not entered into, or is entered into but is then terminated, the Condominium, the association, and the unit owners will no longer have any rights to utilize any branded names granted under the Brand License Agreement. The licensor is not the project Developer. Any and all statements, disclosures, and/ or representations shall be deemed made by the Developer and not by the Licensor and any purchaser agrees to look solely to the Developer (and not to the Licensor with respect to any and all matters relating to the marketing and/or development of the Condominium and with respect to the sales of units in the Condominium. 



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