Rakesh Lilly's Story

"He has become one of my best friends and my favorite people. He was the best man at my wedding!"

Why did you decide to sell?

In January 2010 I was going through a divorce and we needed someone to sell our home. I thought I had met Amit for the first time then. It turns out that Amit worked at a restaurant that I frequented in 1999 so we definitely had met in passing prior to 2010. As weird as this may sound, my ex-wife's attorney recommended Amit to me.



How did Amit prepare your home to sell and how did you feel he marketed your home?

Amit talked a lot about the importance of pricing and told us that we would get a lot less interest in the house if we priced it at $300K than at $299K. Of course, he was right since we ended up with competing buyers and received offers $6K over our asking price. 

Amit is so good at marketing and truly has a passion for it. These days, he's all in on digital marketing. In this instance though, I credit the pricing strategy and his extensive market knowledge as being the catalyst for getting the home sold quickly and for the best price. 

After the financial crisis, home values were picking up and sellers were eager to price their listings as high as possible. Fortunately, Amit explained how the market REALLY was at the time. Every client thinks their home is worth a million dollars, you sometimes need someone to bring you back down to earth.

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Why Amit?

He just came across super genuine. and empathetic to my situation and very compassionate to both of us. He was so personable and took the time to really deal with my anger and frustration. He had honesty, compassion and an understanding of what it takes to sell in a delicate situation such as ours. Not every purchase is easy and some happen due to divorces or even death. Amit knows how to understand each and every situation. He makes it so easy for you to buy or sell under even the most difficult of circumstances. From the day I met Amit, I knew that he would also be the one to help me find my next home. 

What was the best part of your experience?

The best part of the selling experience was the fact that he sold the house in 2 days with 2 offers over asking price - $6K more than asking price to be exact. 

As far as my buying experience goes, the fun part for me was seeing all of the properties. He ended up showing me probably 50-70 houses. It's such a funny story but one night I found this house I was really excited about and told him I really wanted to see it. He dropped everything and met me so we could see the house at 9 pm with his groceries from Publix in his backseat. That meant a lot to me that he was willing to go the extra mile any time of day.


Were there any stressful moments or things you were concerned about?

My ex and I had excellent credit but in the midst of the divorce, we found ourselves 2 mortgage payments behind. So when I went to buy again, no one would give me a mortgage. Amit told me not to worry and gave me a ton of ideas of ways to get around it. He went through all my options with me and I ended up getting a personal loan from a friend and refinanced it later. He was so compassionate about my situation and he never once made me feel like he was bothered that he may lose the sale. He totally understood and cared about me as a person and helped me figure it out. 


Rakesh's advice for you:

Call Amit Bhuta and get that Indian realtor! He has become one of my best friends and one of my favorite people. He was the best man at my wedding when I got remarried! He has the perfect personality for a realtor and he's simply just himself and genuinely a great person. My wife calls him OUR best man because he's become so close to the both of us. 

"He was so compassionate about my situation and he never once made me feel like he was bothered that he may lose the sale. He totally understood and cared about me as a person."


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