Emmy Greer's Story

Emmy met Amit through another real estate transaction where he had represented the seller. 

Amit left such a positive impression on her during the sale that she had no doubt she would use Amit to sell her own property in the future when the time was right.

Why did you decide to sell?

We moved to Sarasota for work in 2016 and decided to rent our property. After a year, we decided to sell the property. We felt like we were finally settled in our new city and the market was where we wanted it to be in order to sell, so we did. 



How did Amit prepare your home to sell and how did you feel he marketed your home?

Amit kept me informed of every aspect of the process. He did an excellent job giving us recommendations on how to make our home more appealing to buyers and we were impressed with his marketing.

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Why Amit?

Funny enough we met Amit while he was the Realtor for the seller! His professionalism was so impressive, that I decided if in the future we needed his services, I will contact him. The 8 year years later in 2016, we contacted Amit for our property rental. Some of his strengths that immediately come to mind are professionalism, building rapport, listening to our needs, keeping us informed and his confidence. Amit was our agent and I personally didn't want anyone else handling our business.

What was the most memorable part of your experience?

I think the most memorable part for us was that we knew we were building a long-lasting partnership. That's how I see my Realtor and that's how we see Amit. It isn't just a transaction.


Were there any stressful moments or things you were concerned about?

I tend to be a more nervous client. I don't know how many questions I actually asked but Amit patiently answered all of them. Patience is definitely an important quality in a Realtor. In those moments when you're feeling the pressure, you really come to appreciate that calm sense of confidence that Amit has. He's just a great guy!


Emmy's advice for you:

Find an agent that truly sees you as a long-lasting client and not only as a commission generator. That's what I value the most about my agent. He listened to our needs and delivered. Amit you are the best, customer-centric, hardworking professional! I can say I really have the best agent!

"Amit you are the best, customer-centric, hardworking professional! I can say I really have the best agent!"


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