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Top 3 Coffee Shops in Miami Shores

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Sep 6 6 minutes read

Find the "cream" to your coffee on Miami Shores, a quaint community with a distinct small-town charm and a hundred-year-old history, and Miami's "Village Beautiful!"  

A lush residential village a mile south of North Miami and six miles north of Miami proper, Miami Shores has a total area of 3.75 square miles just west of Interstate 95.

Apart from its location amidst metro Miami, you'll find nothing "big city" about Miami Shores.

Instead, you'll be surrounded by bayfront vistas, quaint churches, and wide, tree-lined streets, offering a welcome pause from the fast-paced South Florida lifestyle.

But don't be too quick to count Miami Shores out of the running!

This tiny community may not be your usual travel destination, but it sure doesn't 'sleep' on great coffee!

Here are the top three coffee shops in Miami Shores.

1) Tinta Y Cafe - Miami Shores

9840 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores, FL 33138

Pair your energizing cup of Cuban coffee with a warm and rustic ambiance perfect for reading a good book at Tinta Y Cafe, a laid-back, Instagrammable Cuban coffee shop in Miami Shores!

Armed with a menu of the finest artisan coffee and drinks, pastries, bread, salads, and Cuban sandwiches, Tinta Y Cafe is everything you long for in a cafe-- peaceful, spacious, and easy on the eyes!

In fact, with its laid-back vibe, artsy decor, and warm staff, you'll want to spend the whole day holed up in Tinta Y Cafe! 

I mean, you've got all you need — loads of books, delicious food, sweet desserts for the much-needed sugar rush, and coffee to keep you energized throughout the day!

And if you prefer having your coffee outdoors, well, Tinta Y Cafe has a breezy outdoor area, too!

How's that for a well-rounded coffee experience?

2) Pura Vida 

9801 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores, FL 33138

Are you ready for a cup of coffee that tastes as delicious as it looks?

Stop by Miami Shores' Pura Vida and discover a "healthy" cafe paradise worth a spot on your IG feed!

Offering an extensive menu of all-day breakfast delights, salads, baked treats, hearty bowls, wraps & sandwiches, Acai bowls, and more, served within a signature boho-chic setting, Pura Vida is the perfect definition of healthy eating with STYLE!

Carrying their famous "health is wealth" theme over to their specialty coffee, Pura Vida also has more health-conscious versions for coffee lovers, offering options like whole milk, almond milk, oat milk, and organic sweeteners to replace usual ingredients.

Too pumped up for caffeine? 

Try Pura Vida's Iced Matcha Latte or their Iced Spiced Chai Tea Latte to wind you down.

Yes, folks, Pura Vida isn't your ordinary cafe— it's a LIFESTYLE!

3) Gelato-go Miami Shores 

8224 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138

If you're a sucker for sweets and like your coffee creamy, I know something that can make that cup of goodness a hundred times better! 

Here's a hint — it involves ice cream and lots of it!

Welcome to Gelato-Go Miami Shores, one of Miami Shores' famous ice cream spots, a local go-to for dessert on a sunny afternoon! 

Offering authentic Italian gelato in different flavors and sizes, Gelato-Go promises high-quality & fresh ingredients with each scoop, including gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free options! 

But gelato isn't the only thing you'll see on Gelato-Go's menu! 

Gelato-Go also offers coffee, pastries, on-the-go breakfast and lunch items, and sweet desserts! 

Americanos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Espressos, Double Espressos, Affogatos, and more — with so many options, who needs a coffee shop?

Pair your gelato with Cannoli, and don't forget the Affogato Al Cafe to round up the dining experience! 

Yes, you're welcome.




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