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Nexo Residences North Miami Beach | Condos for Sale, Prices & Floor Plans

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Jul 10 25 minutes read

Welcome to Well-Connected: Nexo Residences North Miami Beach

Nestled in the vibrant heart of North Miami Beach, Nexo Residences emerges as a beacon of modern living, setting a new standard for luxury in one of the city’s most dynamic neighborhoods.

Beyond a mere living space, Nexo Residences, a 15-story tower with 254 bespoke residences,  embodies an urban retreat crafted for those who aspire to an exceptional lifestyle.

Backed by the renowned expertise of Fortune International Group and the architectural elegance of Frankel Benayoun Architects, Nexo Residences ensures an unparalleled living experience, complete with sophisticated amenities and personalized services that elevate daily living to an art form.

Each residence is a masterpiece of design, featuring state-of-the-art amenities and European-inspired finishes that cater to the tastes of those accustomed to the finer things in life while boasting meticulous attention to detail.

Mornings here begin with the city’s energy filtered through expansive windows, illuminating refined interiors and offering sweeping views from the bustling urban landscape to the serene Atlantic horizon. 

Yet, the allure of Nexo Residences extends beyond its walls to the streets of North Miami Beach itself—a locale teeming with cultural richness and spirited community life.

As we turn our focus to the neighborhood, we uncover a tapestry of lush parks, eclectic galleries, and gourmet eateries, each adding layers of charm and character to this coastal enclave.

The next section will delve into how North Miami Beach isn’t merely a backdrop for high-end living but a vibrant participant in the lifestyle of its residents, offering a unique blend of cosmopolitan activity and tranquil seaside living.

Exploring this unique symbiosis, we reveal why Nexo Residences North Miami Beach is not just a place to reside, but a space where life is lived with zeal, making every day an extraordinary experience in urban coastal living.

*All Photos are Artists' Conceptual Renderings*

Unearthing North Miami Beach: Suburban Charm Meets Urban Flair

North Miami Beach isn’t just a suburb; it’s a vibrant blend of history, culture, and modern luxury.

Beyond its bustling streets and lush parks, a treasure trove of stories and hidden gems awaits discovery.

Here are seven captivating aspects of this suburban jewel:

1) From Quiet to Quite the Place

North Miami Beach began as a peaceful retreat in the early 20th century, transforming into a lively urban area through strategic development that balances suburban tranquility with urban vitality.

2) Art Attack: The Creative Pulse

The art scene in North Miami Beach is as vibrant as its residents.

The city’s cultural hub, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), hosts exciting exhibitions featuring both local and international artists. 

NMB's colorful street murals and public art installations add a splash of creativity to everyday life.

3) History That Rocks

North Miami Beach is home to the fascinating Ancient Spanish Monastery.

Originally built in Spain in the 12th century, it was dismantled and reassembled in North Miami Beach in the 1950s, offering a peaceful historical escape amidst the urban environment.

4) Celebrity Spotting: Who's Who in NMB

While specific celebrity sightings in North Miami Beach are less documented, the broader Miami area, including nearby hotspots like Bal Harbour and Miami Beach, is a favorite among celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Shakira.

5) Real Estate Royalty

North Miami Beach’s real estate market is sizzling, with standout sales like a mansion at 17201 Biscayne Boulevard fetching $11 million.

These impressive transactions highlight the area's allure for luxury buyers.

6) Taste the World: Global Grub

The culinary scene in North Miami Beach is a delicious journey around the globe.

Feast on vibrant Haitian dishes at Naomi’s Garden Restaurant or indulge in exquisite Peruvian cuisine at Totoritas Peruvian Restaurant, reflecting the community’s rich and diverse food scene.

7) Wellness Wonderland

Wellness is a cornerstone of life in North Miami Beach, with plenty of spas and fitness centers.

Eména Spa offers rejuvenating treatments, while Oleta River State Park provides outdoor adventures like kayaking, biking, and hiking, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Why North Miami Beach Will Rock Your World

Living in North Miami Beach is about embracing a lifestyle where suburban peace meets urban excitement.

It’s a place where residents enjoy the best of both worlds: vibrant city life and serene suburban living. Here's why:

Suburban Cool with Urban Perks: Residents enjoy the peaceful suburban environment and lively urban amenities of North Miami Beach, such as the bustling shopping centers and diverse eateries at Skylake Mall and Intracoastal Mall.

Shop Till You Drop and Eat Till You Pop: The city offers a wide variety of dining options and unique shopping experiences, from local boutiques to high-end stores; visit Aventura Mall for luxury shopping or savor authentic flavors at Little Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant.

Play Outside All Day: With numerous parks and outdoor activities, North Miami Beach encourages an active lifestyle surrounded by nature; enjoy picnics at Greynolds Park or paddleboarding at Haulover Park.

Cultural Richness and Community Vibes: The city’s cultural events, art galleries, and community festivals provide a lively social scene; engage with art at MOCA or enjoy local events at the North Miami Beach Library and North Miami Beach Performing Arts Center.

Lux Life and Easy Living: With luxurious real estate options and convenient access to Miami’s key destinations, North Miami Beach offers a lifestyle of luxury and convenience; live in opulence at The Harbour condos and enjoy easy commutes via nearby highways like I-95 and US-1.

 🗣️ Not interested in reading the rest of the article now, but would prefer to download the floor plans and more information about the project first? 

Click to Download Floor Plans and Marketing Material for Nexo Residences North Miami Beach

Introducing Nexo Residences North Miami Beach: Redefining Modern Living in Suburbia 

Experience the pinnacle of modern luxury at Nexo Residences in North Miami Beach.

Offering more than just a place to live, Nexo Residences delivers a lifestyle of exceptional comfort and seamless connectivity.

Start each day with stunning views of the city and lush surroundings through the expansive windows of your elegantly designed home.

Morning Harmony: Embrace the Day

Welcome mornings at Nexo in a thoughtfully designed space that blends style with comfort.

As the sun's first light floods your home, it highlights the exquisite details and sets a serene tone for the day.

Choose to commence the busy day with a peaceful walk in the nearby park to revitalize your being or start with a swim in the resort-style pool — every aspect of Nexo balances relaxation with activity.

Architectural Brilliance: Inspired Living Spaces

Nexo Residences, crafted by Frankel Benayoun Architects with interiors by Urban Robot, stand as testaments to architectural excellence.

The spacious designs seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living, reflecting Miami's vibrant and dynamic spirit.

Here, residences offer a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and functional elegance, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Modern Autonomy: Live, Own, and Host

Nexo Residences introduces a new level of flexibility and depth in urban living, moving beyond conventional ownership models to offer a more personal and adaptable lifestyle.

All residences allow full rental flexibility, including short-term, seasonal, or long-term leasing, with no listing limitations on platforms like Airbnb or Vrbo.

Meanwhile, on-site professional management and an integrated digital concierge ensure smooth experiences for residents and guests, which makes Nexo ideal for a well-connected, contemporary living environment and a smart investment, whether you live in the country or abroad.

Current Offerings: Limited-Time Pre-Construction Pricing

As of April 9, 2024, Nexo Residences North Miami Beach offers an exclusive range of luxurious units, from chic studios to expansive four-bedroom townhomes.

This is your chance to take advantage of pre-construction pricing, offering significant savings before prices increase as development progresses.

Given the high demand, inventory can change daily, so early engagement is crucial for securing your preferred unit.

For the latest information on availability and pricing, please reach out to us directly.

Your Future at Nexo Residences

Nexo Residences North Miami Beach offers homes that redefine modern living.

Each residence features meticulous attention to detail, from the fluid architectural design to the thoughtfully curated amenities, enhancing the overall living experience.

Browse through the current listings to discover the ideal home for your next chapter.

Connect with us today to explore the array of sophisticated homes available and find the perfect match for your vision of luxury suburban living.

Exquisite Selections: A Portfolio of Tailored Living

Nexo Residences North Miami Beach offers a wide range of units designed to fit every lifestyle and preference. 

Each residence reflects the distinct quality and sophistication that define this exceptional development.

Studio Residences: Starting from $599,900, these cozy, modern spaces measure 531 square feet and are ideal for individuals who value efficiency and style in an urban setting.

One-Bedroom Residences: From $799,900, these residences range from 692 to 780 square feet and are perfect for singles or couples looking for a functional living space with the vibrancy of North Miami Beach at their doorstep.

Two-Bedroom Residences: Starting at $1,059,900, these units offer between 1,015 and 1,241 square feet of space, providing ample room for small families or those needing an extra room for guests or a home office, blending luxury with comfort.

Three-Bedroom Residences: Starting from $1,195,900, these spacious residences measure 1,262 square feet, perfect for larger families or those who desire additional living space with refined elegance.

Three-Bedroom Townhomes: Available from $1,365,900, these expansive homes range from 1,547 to 1,840 square feet, providing luxury and flexibility, perfect for larger families or those seeking additional space for entertaining.

Four-Bedroom Townhomes: Starting from $2,200,000, these townhomes, measuring between 1,951 and 2,190 square feet, offer grandeur and spacious living, ideal for those desiring a truly luxurious lifestyle.

Luxe Living: Amenities That Redefine Comfort

Nexo Residences North Miami Beach offers a suite of amenities crafted to meet your every need and desire.

From the stunning resort-style pool terrace to the advanced fitness center and tranquil garden lounges, every feature is designed to enrich your living experience.

Experience unparalleled luxury and flexibility at Nexo Residences North Miami Beach.

Here, life is embraced with every sunrise and savored with each sunset.

Enter a world where your lifestyle is a canvas, and every detail reflects the sophisticated innovation of your home.


254 residences

15 stories

Studios, one-to-four-bedroom residences, and penthouses ranging from 531 to 2,190 square feet

Fully finished and beautifully furnished 

Expansive balconies in each unit

Top-of-the-line Bosch appliances 

Two-story arrival lobby lounge 

Two-story, state-of-the-art tech center with café 

Children's playground and plaza 

Self-service smart package locker room 

Electric car charging stations 

Multi-purpose clubroom and private event space 

Indoor and outdoor fitness center with yoga studio 

Resort-style pool with sun shelf 

Outdoor terrace bar 

Open-air observatory deck with 360º views 

Lounge areas with fire pits 


Estimated delivery 2025

The Money-Making Allure of North Miami Beach Living: A Jewel of Investment and Lifestyle

Embracing North Miami Beach as your residence isn't just a statement of sophisticated living; it's a financially astute choice, enveloped by the allure of seaside splendor.

Dive into why making a home in this dynamic locale is not just a balm for the spirit but also a boon for your finances, all presented with a dash of wit that's sure to get a grin from even the most stoic financial advisors.

The Sunshine State’s Financial Perks: Profiting in Paradise

Living Without State Income Tax: A Boon for Your Budget 

Imagine keeping every penny you earn—Florida makes that possible with no state income tax.

Envision each paycheck celebrating your economic autonomy, leaving you extra for indulging in leisurely yacht excursions and dinners with ocean views.

More cash in your pocket with more sun rays on your face—it’s the epitome of a beneficial lifestyle.

Homestead Exemption: Your Fiscal Shield 

In Florida, the homestead exemption isn't merely a reduction; it's as comforting as the warm local climate.

Claim your primary residence in North Miami Beach and enjoy a significant dip in property taxes.

It's the ideal opportunity to upgrade to that expansive patio, perfect for enjoying the coastal sunset.

Appreciating Property Values: Capitalizing by the Coast 

North Miami Beach is more than a location—it's a growing financial opportunity.

Owning property here means watching your investment flourish steadily.

Think of it as stumbling upon a treasure trove, except this one comes with panoramic sea views and high-end perks.

Zero Estate Tax: Passing on Prosperity Smoothly 

The absence of an estate tax in Florida is as appealing as the region’s gentle winters. 

Establishing your estate in this state guarantees a seamless transition of your wealth, mimicking the soft sea breezes.

Idyllic Retirement: Seaside Leisure in Your Later Years 

North Miami Beach is more than just a retirement haven—it's akin to a perpetual vacation.

With its tax benefits and an atmosphere of perpetual leisure, retiring here means living the high life daily.

 Business Haven: Where Professional Meets Paradise 

The business environment in North Miami Beach is as welcoming as its picturesque beaches.

Low operating costs, attractive tax advantages, and a prime location make it a hotbed for business growth. 

Here, 'business attire' might as well include flip-flops and a hint of ocean fragrance.

Living in North Miami Beach: Where Every Day is Extraordinary

Why choose North Miami Beach? Because life here transcends the ordinary, turning daily routines into exceptional experiences. 

From trendy eateries to exclusive boutiques, every day offers something new and exciting. 

It’s a place where the mundane becomes magical, making every moment memorable.

Culinary and Shopping Delights:

Tide to Table Café promises meals that compete with the horizon for your attention, offering the freshest seafood perfectly paired with ocean vistas. It's the quintessential spot for those craving a maritime feast on a balmy evening.

Biscayne Shoppes is not just any shopping destination, but a vibrant center boasting a journey through boutiques and global brands, offering everything from couture to captivating local artisan pieces.

Culinary Crossroads offers a melting pot of flavors, where dishes from around the world converge, making every meal a vibrant international escapade.

In Conclusion: A Wise Lifestyle and Financial Choice

Choosing North Miami Beach as your home means each financial decision adds pleasure, every investment prospers, and every day unfolds like a dream with ample funding.

This isn't merely about luxurious living; it's about elevating every aspect of your life, from growing your wealth to enjoying your sun-drenched days.

Step into North Miami Beach, where your savvy financial choices shine as brightly as the Florida sunshine, and every sunset ushers in the promise of a brighter future.

Isn't it time your lifestyle reflected your clever financial strategies?

The Bright Side of Early Deals at Nexo Residences North Miami Beach: Investing with Flair

Jumping into a premier pre-construction project like Nexo Residences North Miami Beach not only sets you ahead of the curve but also aligns you with the trendsetters and tastemakers.

Here’s why getting in early at this stylish hotspot can spell more fun and future gains than the standard real estate scramble:

1) First Dibs Fabulousness: Score Big Before the Ribbon Cutting: Snagging a spot in Nexo Residences North Miami Beach early is akin to getting VIP backstage passes before the concert sells out.

This isn’t just buying a home; it’s securing bragging rights in a rising star of the real estate world. 

As the building reaches skyward, so does your investment, possibly turning today’s savvy move into tomorrow’s jackpot.

2) Design Your Dream Den: Craft Your Corner of Paradise: Early birds in Nexo Residences get more than a new address—they get a canvas.

Fancy a kitchen that would make a chef swoon or a bathroom that feels like a spa retreat? 

You’re the artist, and Nexo is your studio. 

Customize your suite to suit your swanky style and make your home truly yours.

3) Tomorrow’s Home, Today: Live Like It’s 2030: Nexo Residences isn’t just building homes; they’re crafting futuristic habitats fitted with the finest of tomorrow’s tech.

From robot butlers to smart mirrors that advise on your outfit, life here is less about keeping up with the Joneses and more about being the Joneses.

4) Easy-Peasy Payments: Spread It Out, Stress Less: Forget the financial jitters of traditional home buying. Nexo’s payment plan is as chill as a beachside mojito.

Pay in stages as the building rises, and keep your cash flow as calm as the nearby ocean waves—making it easier to enjoy the now without sweating the spend.

Why Nexo Residences North Miami Beach? Because Life’s Too Good to Wait

Investing in Nexo Residences North Miami Beach isn’t just a property purchase—it’s a passport to a life less ordinary.

Located in the electric atmosphere of North Miami Beach, this is where cutting-edge design meets laid-back luxury.

Forget about owning a piece of the past; grab a slice of the future.

Dive into the extraordinary life at Nexo Residences North Miami Beach, where every day is a tailored celebration of the fine art of living.

Why postpone the joy?

 The future of living is knocking—open the door with Nexo Residences North Miami Beach, and let the good times roll!

Welcome to Nexo Residences North Miami Beach: Where Luxury Lives Everyday

Imagine stepping into a reality where the ordinary becomes extraordinary every single morning. 

At Nexo Residences North Miami Beach, luxury isn’t just a detail—it's the entire canvas.

This is where you find not just a residence, but a lifestyle meticulously woven with threads of lavishness and designed to cater to your every desire.

At Nexo Residences, the opulence is omnipresent—from on-demand concierge services ready to book your next yacht outing before you even think it, to exclusive retreats crafted just for the select few. 

Here, living is not just an act, but a high art.

Every suite is a pinnacle of design, conceived to astonish even the most particular of tastes, offering panoramas that stretch from the vibrant heartbeats of North Miami Beach to the soothing expanses of the Atlantic.

Choosing to live at Nexo Residences means opting for a life where luxury and comfort dance in perfect harmony. 

Whether you’re pulsating to the dynamic rhythms of the city or unwinding in your lavish abode, here, life strikes the ideal note of excitement and peace.

Living the Dream: Discover Nexo Residences North Miami Beach

As we wrap up this tour of Nexo Residences and its grandeur, consider this an invitation to turn the page to a remarkable new chapter of your life.

If the taste of upscale living whets your appetite for more, why not dive deeper into making one of these magnificent residences your own?

Stepping forward is as simple as reaching out for a casual chat about your future in luxury living. 

Whether you crave more details or just want to talk about the high life awaiting you at Nexo Residences, our team is ready and waiting to assist.

Your next home, abundant with lavish possibilities, awaits your discovery.

Contact us today to peek at exclusive floor plans, up-to-the-minute pricing, and current availabilities

Embark on your journey to securing your slice of paradise at Nexo Residences North Miami Beach.

And for a slice of humor: picture your biggest dilemma being whether to unwind in your state-of-the-art home cinema or soak up the sun on your private terrace. 

Yes, choosing between such exquisite pleasures can be quite the struggle at Nexo Residences North Miami Beach!


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STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. The Developer is 13899 Biscayne Associates, LLC, which has a right to use the trademark names and logos of Fortune International Group and Blue Road. This is not an offer to sell, or solicitation of offers to buy, in states where such an offer or solicitation cannot be made. This offering is made only by the prospectus for the condominium and no statement should be relied upon if not made in the prospectus. The renderings contained herein are an artist's impression, and conceptual interpretation, proposed only, and merely intended as illustration. All artist renderings are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change without notification. No guarantee is made that the described features, services, furnishings, decorations, amenities, or facilities will be available or built. Developer reserves the right to make any modifications, revisions, or withdrawals in its sole discretion and without prior notice. All improvements, designs, and construction are subject to first obtaining permits and approvals by the relevant authorities. All depictions and appliances, counters, soffits, floor coverings, and other matters of detail, including, without limitation, items of finish and decoration, are conceptual only and are not necessarily included in each Unit. Consult your Agreement and the Prospectus for the items included with the Unit. Photographs contained in this brochure may be stock photography or have been taken off-site and are used to depict the spirit of the lifestyles to be achieved rather than
any that may exist or that may be proposed and are merely intended as illustrations of the activities and concepts depicted therein. Project graphics, images, and renderings are owned by the developer and may be subject to copyright. 



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