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72 Park Miami Beach | Condos for Sale, Prices & Floor Plans

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Jul 10 26 minutes read

Introducing 72 Park Miami Beach: A Portrait of Beachside Brilliance

Perched along a pristine segment of Miami Beach, 72 Park Miami Beach by Lefferts offers an exclusive enclave of 206 condominiums, each an epitome of elegance across 22 stories. 

Designed by the esteemed Built Form, this architectural gem weaves contemporary finesse with commanding views of the Atlantic, framing Miami's renowned skyline through every expansive window.

72 Park transcends ordinary living; it's a haven that captures the essence of South Florida's exuberance in each meticulously crafted detail. 

Residents awaken to the embrace of the Florida sun, which bathes the interiors in light, enhancing the serene vistas of azure waters and vibrant foliage.

Each residence at 72 Park Miami Beach embodies understated luxury, featuring open, flowing floor plans that blur the lines between indoors and the beach beyond. 

This architectural approach crafts an environment where elegance meets ease, epitomizing the ultimate beachside living experience.

Distinct from the typical high-rise forest of Miami, 72 Park offers a peaceful retreat. 

Its thoughtful design ensures a low density of residences per floor, fostering a sense of privacy and tranquility that complements the spectacular views and custom interiors.

Living here means your home is a blank masterpiece awaiting your strokes, ready to be tailored to your unique aesthetic and lifestyle preferences.

Beyond the comfort of these luxurious confines, North Beach unfolds as a vibrant, culturally rich canvas. 

More than just a scenic backdrop, North Beach is a dynamic blend of lush landscapes and cultural diversity, bustling with lively cafes, galleries, and boutiques.

At 72 Park Miami Beach, life is enriched by North Beach’s blend of leisure and cultural offerings. 

Each day is an invitation to explore and enjoy a neighborhood that enhances the lifestyle of its inhabitants with its unique seaside charm. 

Let’s delve deeper into the vibrant life of North Beach to discover how it perfectly complements the sophisticated, laid-back luxury of 72 Park Miami Beach, making it not just a residence but a lifestyle choice covered in sun-kissed allure.

*All Photos are Artists' Conceptual Renderings*

North Beach Unveiled: The Stylish Side of Miami's Tranquil Treasure

North Beach isn't just a pin on the map; it's Miami's tranquil luxury capital, sporting a serene vibe and enough Art Deco to keep your Instagram busy for days. 

But don't let its chill demeanor fool you—this neighborhood is bursting with secrets that could make even the most seasoned Miami lifer do a double-take.

Here are seven lesser-known gems that make North Beach the quietly cool cousin in Miami Beach’s family tree:

1) The Renaissance of North Beach

It started as just another sleepy strip of sand but got a major glow-up in the 1980s. 

Now, North Beach flaunts a blend of swanky condos and boutique hotels, especially around the iconic Ocean Terrace area, making it a hotspot for those who enjoy the finer things—quietly.

2) Cultural Cool That’s Under the Radar

Think North Beach is just sun, sand, and surf? Think again. 

It's got a cultural pulse that skips a beat with hidden art installations and cozy galleries that turn a simple walk into a treasure hunt. 

Check out the North Beach Bandshell Murals or crash a pop-up gallery on Arts and Music Night if you're feeling artsy.

3) Architectural Eye Candy

Forget the beachfront views; North Beach is a runway of architectural styles. 

From the historic vibes at the North Shore Bandshell to the Art Deco splendor of the Normandy Isle Fountain, this neighborhood parades its design diversity with historic pride.

4) Where Celebrities Chill

North Beach is where celebrities like Oprah and Ricky Martin come to unwind away from the paparazzi. 

Spotting a star is more likely while they're lounging at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort or hiding out at their luxe digs on Collins Avenue.

5) Real Estate Royalty

The housing market here? As hot as the Miami sun. 

A penthouse at Eighty Seven Park recently fetched a cool $12 million

It’s not just a home; it’s a statement.

6) Global Gastronomy Getaway

Ready for a world tour of tastes? 

North Beach serves up everything from Mediterranean delights at Café Prima Pasta to Cuban classics at Sazon. 

And don’t forget to roll up for some sushi at Sushi Erika. 

North Beach is a culinary trip around the world, and no passport is required.

7) Zen and the Art of Beachside Relaxation

This neighborhood is practically a spa, with places like the Carillon Miami sprinkling wellness with a side of luxury. 

Whether it's rooftop yoga or thermal hydrotherapy, relaxation is served on a silver platter.

Why Living in North Beach is Practically Perfect

Choosing North Beach is like picking the quiet kid in class who turns out to be secretly awesome. Here’s the scoop:

Chic Eats and Elite Treats: High-end dining and shopping are the norms here. Cruise down Collins Avenue or explore Normandy Isles for some serious retail therapy paired with top-notch dining.

Community Vibes: It’s not all quiet retreats; the local scene is popping with farmer’s markets and festivals like the North Beach Food Truck & Music Fest that bring everyone together for some community fun.

Perfectly Positioned: Tucked away from the city bustle but still close enough to dive into Miami’s vibrant scene, North Beach offers the best of both worlds.

Outdoor Oasis: With pristine beaches and lush parks, it's an outdoor lover’s paradise. Fancy a round of golf? Normandy Shores Golf Club is just a swing away.

Cultural Corner: From concerts at the Miami Beach Bandshell to local art initiatives, cultural richness is just around the corner.

Living in North Beach isn’t just a lifestyle; it’s a luxury that says, "I like my Miami life with a side of laid-back beach views." 

 🗣️ Not interested in reading the rest of the article now, but would prefer to download the floor plans and more information about the project first? 

Click to Download Floor Plans and Marketing Material for 72 Park Miami Beach

Discover 72 Park Miami Beach, Where Elegance Meets the Ocean 

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Miami Beach, 72 Park emerges as a sanctuary of luxury. 

This architectural marvel redefines beachfront living with a perfect fusion of elegance, comfort, and modern sophistication. 

Here, every sunrise paints an enchanting scene through expansive windows, offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic and the Miami skyline—a daily masterpiece at your doorstep. 

Elegant Mornings: A Symphony of Light and Luxury

Envision awakening in the lavish embrace of an elegantly designed suite, where tranquility meets grandeur. 

The first rays of dawn gently illuminate bespoke finishes and meticulous craftsmanship, creating a sanctuary of peace. 

Begin your day with a coffee on the spacious balcony, feeling the ocean breeze, or enjoy a refreshing workout in the state-of-the-art fitness center, equipped with the latest Technogym equipment.

Architectural Symphony: A Residence Crafted as Art

Conceived by the visionary minds at Built Form and brought to life with interior grace by Urban Robot Associates, 72 Park stands as a testament to modern design. 

With LEED Gold Certification, it's not just a home, but a commitment to sustainable, artful living. 

Each space is meticulously designed to ensure privacy while embracing the vibrant energy of Miami Beach, creating a haven where each moment feels like a personal retreat.

Culinary Journeys: A Taste of the Extraordinary

Experience culinary excellence at 72 Park Miami Beach, where dining transcends the ordinary. 

Begin your gastronomic journey at Roberta's on the ground floor, where Michelin-starred chef Carlo Mirarchi crafts dishes that encapsulate the vibrant flavors of Miami Beach. 

Five floors above lies the Skyline Terrace, an illustrious culinary retreat, where each meal against the backdrop of panoramic ocean vistas becomes an unforgettable experience. 

72 Park Miami Beach combines sophisticated flavors with the tranquil beauty of the seascape, making your dining experience a sublime journey to savor.

Freedom and Flexibility: A Modern Approach to Ownership

72 Park redefines the concept of home with its progressive ownership options. 

Approved for short-term rentals, this development offers unmatched flexibility where owners have the freedom to live in their residences full-time or part-time or rent them out as vacation homes. 

The dedicated property management team handles all aspects of short-term rentals, from guest interactions and check-ins to cleaning and communication, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience. 

Step into the world of 72 Park Miami Beach, where each detail is crafted for an elite living experience, set against the vibrant pulse of Miami Beach. 

Here, luxury is not just lived but celebrated daily, amid the beauty of the ocean and the expanse of the sky.

Exclusive Pre-Construction Opportunities at 72 Park Miami Beach

Discover the allure of pre-construction luxury at 72 Park Miami Beach, where exclusive opportunities beckon. 

From cozy junior one-bedrooms to expansive three-bedroom sanctuaries, this prestigious address promises an escalating value as its construction progresses. 

With daily changes in availability, proactive engagement offers discerning buyers a prime advantage. 

Interested parties are encouraged to reach out directly to receive the most current information on availability and pricing. 

A Seaside Sanctuary Calls

Step into the realm of 72 Park Miami Beach, where each residence transcends the ordinary. 

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, from the fluidity of architectural lines to the precision of bespoke amenities, every home is designed to elevate your lifestyle. 

Whether you're drawn to minimalist elegance or grand opulence, discover a living space that mirrors your highest aspirations and unique style.

Explore the current listings to find your perfect retreat. 

Connect with us today to view a curated selection of homes that redefine luxury living—each promising to be the canvas on which you’ll paint your life’s best moments.

A Kaleidoscope of Sun-Kissed Elegance: Homes Tailored for Every Taste

At 72 Park Miami Beach, luxury is synonymous with choice. 

This diverse portfolio is crafted to cater to an array of preferences and lifestyles, each marked by unparalleled quality and sophisticated design.

Junior One-Bedroom Residences: Ideal for the modern individual, these units offer 449 to 486 square feet of chic living space. Enjoy the intimacy of a private balcony and the expansive embrace of sunlight through generous windows.

One-Bedroom Residences: Spanning 639 to 657 square feet, these homes are crafted for those who seek a harmonious blend of comfort and luxury in a vibrant beachside locale. Step out onto your spacious balcony and soak in the breathtaking vistas.

Two-Bedroom Residences: Ranging from 799 to 995 square feet, these residences are perfect for those desiring more space with a view. Designed with open layouts and private terraces, they connect you seamlessly to the coastal beauty that is Miami Beach.

Three-Bedroom Residences: Encompassing 1,042 to 1,177 square feet, these grand homes are designed for family living or lavish entertaining. With expansive living areas and panoramic views, they epitomize the pinnacle of beachfront luxury.

Elegant Amenities: From Serene Pools to Premier Sports Facilities

At 72 Park, amenities are meticulously designed to enhance every aspect of luxury living. 

The resort-style pool is a haven of relaxation, complete with plush cabanas and a lively open-air bar, perfect for Miami's sunny days. 

The state-of-the-art, glass-enclosed gym with Technogym equipment caters to fitness aficionados, while a short stroll leads to an exclusive private beach club, offering a secluded escape. 

The private rooftop features a sun deck and dining areas, ideal for entertaining. 

When you feel like stepping outside your home for a taste of Miami's best, a lifestyle concierge provides seamless access to premier sports facilities, including the Miami Beach Tennis Center and Normandy Shores Golf Club.


206  residences

22  stories

One-to-three-bedroom residences ranging from 449 to 1,177 square feet

Fully furnished options are available 

Panoramic ocean, park, Intracoastal, and Miami skyline views in all residences

9 to 10-foot ceiling heights

Expansive balconies in each unit

Bosch, SMEG, and Fisher & Paykel appliances 

Over 64,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities

Multiple on-site dining options, including Roberta’s by Michelin-star chef Carlo Mirarchi  

Resort-style pool stretching over 150 feet 

Pool deck with an open-air bar 

24/7 co-working lounge with private pods 

Yoga lounge and outdoor terrace 

Lifestyle concierge services upon request

Private golf cart shuttle service

Private rooftop for owners 

Ground-level pet spa 

Prestigious LEED Gold Certification 

Estimated delivery Q3-2024

The North Beach Advantage: Financial Bliss Meets Coastal Chic

Settling into North Beach isn't just about embracing the cool coastal vibe; it’s a savvy investment in a lifestyle that’s as relaxed as it is rewarding. 

Let’s unpack why planting roots in this vibrant enclave can soothe your soul and sweeten your financial outlook—with a twist of humor that might even make your banker chuckle.

Florida's Financial Sunshine: Sipping Success with Every Sunrise

No State Income Tax: More Dough on the Go

In Florida, the absence of state income tax isn’t just a perk—it’s a lifestyle enhancer. 

Imagine more disposable income to fuel those impromptu beachside barbecues or jazz nights under the stars. 

More money, more margaritas—it's not just a catchy phrase; it's your new way of life in North Beach.

Homestead Exemption: A Wallet-Friendly Wave

Dive into financial savvy with Florida’s homestead exemption. 

Declaring your North Beach pad as your primary dwelling not only drops your property taxes but gives you extra cash for that surfboard upgrade you’ve been eyeing. 

Now, isn't that a refreshing splash of fiscal relief?

Appreciating Assets: Investing in Coastal Charm

North Beach isn’t just scenic; it’s economically sound. 

Owning a slice of this paradise means your investment could swell as robustly as the tides. 

It’s like discovering a buried treasure where X marks your modern condo with a view.

Estate Planning Made Breezy: Keeping It in the Family

Florida’s absence of estate tax is as sweet as a beachside piña colada. 

Establish your legacy in North Beach, ensuring your assets pass on as smoothly as the gentle ocean waves grace the shore.

Retirement Reimagined: Silver Strands and Golden Years

Contemplating retirement? North Beach offers more than a serene setting; it's a lifestyle upgrade. 

Favorable taxes and endless beach days make retiring less about slowing down and more about living it up.

A Booming Business Scene: Sandcastles and Startups

North Beach's business climate is as welcoming as its sunny beaches. 

Low operating costs and beneficial tax conditions make it an ideal spot for budding entrepreneurs and seasoned moguls alike. 

Here, 'dressing for success' could mean donning flip-flops to a beachfront board meeting.

Life on North Beach: Effortlessly Exquisite Day by Day

Why set your sights on North Beach? Here, each day isn’t just lived; it’s embellished with every sunrise. 

Enjoy artisan coffee at quaint cafes, uncover treasures in chic local boutiques, and revel in new delights daily. 

It’s a place where lifestyle transcends the ordinary, turning every moment into a cherished memory.

Culinary Waves and Shopping Escapes:

Dive into dining experiences at North Beach's Café Prima Pasta, where Italian cuisine meets ocean vistas, making each meal a scenic indulgence. Fresh seafood and handcrafted pasta create a symphony of flavors that resonate with the rhythmic waves.

Wander through the vibrant Normandy Isle Market, a local gem where shopping transcends typical retail. Here, it’s about discovering unique artisan crafts and vintage finds, turning every visit into a treasure hunt under the Miami sun.

Savor the world on a plate at Sazon Cuban Cuisine, where traditional dishes are served with a side of North Beach flair. Each bite offers a taste of local heritage, blending Cuban classics with the spice of Miami life, celebrating a rich culinary culture right at your doorstep.

In Conclusion: A Dreamy Dive into Financial Wisdom

Choosing North Beach as your home is more than a lifestyle choice—it’s a smart financial move dressed in beach attire. 

Here, each investment thrives under the sun, and every day is as enriching for your wallet as it is for your soul.

Step into North Beach, where your savvy meets the sand, and every day closes with the promise of another perfect beach day. 

Isn't it time your life reflected your smarts?

The Silver Linings of High-End Pre-Construction at 72 Park Miami Beach: Investing in Tomorrow’s Luxury, Today

Choosing to invest in a high-end pre-construction project like 72 Park Miami Beach offers not just a home but a future packed with potential. 

Here's why getting in early at 72 Park is more rewarding than the last slice of key lime pie on a hot Miami day:

1) Early Bird Gets the Equity: Think of early investment in 72 Park Miami Beach as snagging the front seat at a hit Miami fashion show. 

By purchasing during the development phase, you're not just buying a property; you're securing a front-row ticket to substantial value appreciation. 

As 72 Park rises, so does your investment, transforming today’s decision into tomorrow’s jackpot.

2) Custom Cool: Your Home, Your Rules: Buying early at 72 Park isn't just a financial win; it’s a creative coup. 

It’s about choosing the quartz for your countertops or the tiles for your bathroom, ensuring your new residence reflects your personal panache. 

This is where your home becomes a canvas for your style, and your aesthetic is the brush.

3) Modern Marvels & Magnificent Comforts: At 72 Park, you buy into the future of home innovation. 

Imagine living spaces equipped with the latest smart home tech, surrounded by high-end amenities from a lap pool to a rooftop lounge that would make the Jetsons jealous. 

Here, luxury isn't added; it’s integrated.

4) Staged Payments, Styled Living: The beauty of buying into 72 Park Miami Beach extends into how you pay. 

With staged payments, your bank account breathes easier. 

Spread your investment over time and savor the sweet flexibility, letting you keep up with your payments and passion for paddleboarding.

Why 72 Park Miami Beach? Because You're Investing in a Lifestyle Revolution

Choosing 72 Park Miami Beach is more than securing a luxury property; it's an investment in a transformative lifestyle. 

Nestled in the vibrant heart of North Beach, this project is where cutting-edge design and sublime living converge, setting new standards in a coveted zip code. 

Here, owning a residence is a passport to the future—where every amenity, from your private balcony to the community infinity pool, is a step ahead.

Step into a world where every detail from your doorstep to your duvet is infused with unmatched luxury and forward-thinking innovation. 

Life at 72 Park isn’t merely experienced; it’s meticulously engineered for those who demand the pinnacle of modern living.

Don’t just chase the future—live in it at 72 Park Miami Beach. 

Make an investment that transcends typical luxury by embedding you in a lifestyle that’s always moving forward, proving that the pinnacle of living isn't just about place, but about pushing boundaries.

Welcome to 72 Park Miami Beach: Where Everyday Luxury is Redefined

Discover a lifestyle where each morning begins with the allure of sophistication at 72 Park Miami Beach. 

This isn't merely a residence; it's a destination crafted with opulence at its core, tailor-made to cater to every nuance of upscale living.

At 72 Park, luxury permeates every moment. 

Envision having the concierge seamlessly arrange your weekend escape aboard a luxury sailboat, or curate a personalized spa day right in your home. 

Living here means the exceptional is not just provided; it's expected.

Each suite stands as a beacon of design ingenuity, with breathtaking vistas that span from the vibrant pulse of North Beach to the serene stretches of the Atlantic. 

Buying a unit at 72 Park Miami Beach is not just about selecting a home—it's about embracing a lifestyle where comfort meets chic elegance.

Whether you're tapping into the city's dynamic beat or seeking tranquility in your exquisite living space, 72 Park harmonizes the vibrant with the peaceful.

Living the High Life: Experience 72 Park Miami Beach

This tour of 72 Park isn't just an overview; it's an invitation to elevate your life. 

Tempted by the taste of high-end living? Let's explore how making one of these magnificent residences your own could redefine your everyday.

Advancing to a life of luxury is as simple as a conversation about your future haven. 

Whether you're curious about details or ready to embrace a lifestyle of unparalleled indulgence, our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Your next home, laden with lavish features, awaits your exploration.

Contact us now to explore exclusive floor plans, discover current pricing, and check availability

Start your journey towards securing a slice of the elite at 72 Park Miami Beach.

And for a touch of whimsy: envision your biggest decision being whether to start your day with sunrise yoga on your expansive terrace or a gourmet breakfast in your designer kitchen. 

At 72 Park Miami Beach, even the simplest choices are steeped in luxury.


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DISCLAIMER: ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. This is not intended to be an offer to sell or solicitation to buy condominium units to residents of any jurisdiction where prohibited by law, and your eligibility for purchase will depend upon your state of residency. The offering is made only by the prospectus for the condominium and no statement should be relied upon if not made in the prospectus. Stated interior square footage is measured to the exterior face of exterior walls and to the centerline of interior demising walls or to the exterior face of walls adjoining corridors or other common elements or shared facilities without excluding areas that may be occupied by columns or other structural components. This method of measurement varies from and is larger than the dimensions that would be determined by using the description and the definition of the Unit set forth in the Declaration (which generally only includes the interior airspace between the perimeter walls and excludes structural components). For reference, the area of the unit, determined in accordance with the unit boundaries set forth in the Declaration is set forth in Exhibit “3” to the Declaration. All dimensions are approximate and may vary with actual construction.  



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