When almost everyone looks at this photo, they have no clue who these people are. 

The funny thing is that they are responsible for many things people do daily. 

After I let you know what they all have done, I’ll let you know what they all have in common.

*From Left to Right*

Greg Hart

“Alexa.” If you’re like me, that’s one of the first things that you’ll say in the morning and say multiple times per day. 

Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) is one of the favorite devices for so many people in the world. 

Greg Hart, previously a 23 year Amazon employee and member of Jeff Bezos' senior leadership team, led the development and launch of the Echo and also had the head role of Prime Video!

Kate Pearson

If you have a Tesla or ever met someone with a Tesla, there is an extremely high likelihood that the compliments were overflowing describing the experience with the electric car brand.

Tesla is one of the highest-rated brands in any category, and year in year out, Consumer Reports’ highest rated car manufacturer.

Kate Pearson was previously head of customer experience and operations at Tesla Motors!

Joseph Sirosh

Artificial Intelligence or AI is something that we hear more and more about nowadays. 

One of the top AI Visionaries in the world is Joseph Sirosh. 

He is a superstar in this field and was previously the Chief Technology Officer in charge of Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft and at Amazon for many years prior to that!

Ori Allon

Have you ever gone on Google and started typing, and Google started figuring out what you were typing? I’m sure you have!

Ori Allon is the person that created the algorithm for that and sold it to Google! 

He also sold a startup company to Twitter that analyzed social activity across the Web to deliver fresh and relevant content to users.

The Most Amazing Part

Imagine, not yet but in a little bit, how spectacular it would be if ALL of these rockstars worked at the same place. 

But before you imagine that, why in the world would any of them want to leave their positions. 

Clearly, they are all very wealthy. So wealthy that money would have zero impact on their future career choices.

Clearly, they are all superstars in their fields. And clearly, there would be zero reasons to leave the amazing places they were at. 

Unless….. The UNLESS part is the super exciting part! The part where these people imagine creating the future of something that doesn’t exist yet!

Almost like how Apple creates products. Apple imagines products that don’t really exist yet. Or better yet, currently don’t exist well. 

Then they create those things and everyone realizes how different the world was without them - iPhone, iPad, iPods, etc.

That is the only reason why these four people would leave the places they were at. They would ONLY leave if they were absolutely one hundred percent positive they could start that revolution in something.

Now back to you imagining. Imagine someone that is absolutely incredible with technology. Someone so great at it that Google and Twitter felt they had to buy Ori’s technology!

Now imagine again, someone that is SO GOOD at creating products that you are probably using Alexa multiple times per day. 

If you have young kids, they probably know who Alexa already is. In fact, maybe Alexa was one of the first names they learned. 

Imagine once again, someone that is one of the most talented people in the world at getting the MOST out of computers with artificial intelligence or AI!

Imagine now, the last person that could take everything the people above could create and make that experience for the consumer absolutely outstanding!

Just writing this is exciting to me. You don't need to imagine anymore. 

All of the people I mentioned above work for Compass. Yes, that’s right. They ALL saw a HUGE opportunity to change up the old-school real estate world. 

It’s so exciting that I started writing this on a Saturday “night” at 2 AM.

They have already created so many things and I truly can’t wait to share them with you and also what the future holds for this industry!

*As with many top leaders that help change an industry, many make their presence by instilling the best systems and operations at that company and then moving on to their next challenge. Kate Pearson is no longer at Compass but her contributions and her presence will live there forever.*

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