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Top 5 Vegan Restaurants near Cocoplum

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Sep 26 7 minutes read

Color your waterfront escapade GREEN with the BEST plant-based and vegan-friendly food spots around Cocoplum — VEGANISM is always exciting with a dash of FANCY on South Florida's "Most Desirable Community!"     

A gated community bordering the Gables Waterway and the edge of Biscayne Bay, boasting high-end properties, a private marina, safe streets, and world-class amenities, Cocoplum remains a part of the most coveted waterfront neighborhoods tucked in lavish Coral Gables.

To date, Cocoplum consists of 302 estate homes, including 172 waterfront residencies, proudly embodying the famed South Florida resort-style living while being moments away from all of Magic City's top neighborhoods and areas.

Coconut Grove, Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, South Beach, Downtown Miami-- yes, the list goes on!

Of course, that also means sharing access to several of Miami's BEST vegan and vegan-friendly joints, so your plant-based dining experience promises to be as COLORFUL as your Cocoplum itinerary — if not better!

Here are the top five vegan restaurants near Cocoplum.

1) Amsterdam Falafelshop 

5835 FL-986, Miami, FL 33143

It's raining FALAFELS at Amsterdam Falafelshop, a choice Vegan food spot near Cocoplum, just a 7-minute drive away!

Easy-to-eat, delicious, and GUILT-FREE — you're looking at Amsterdam Falafelshop, a unique, fast-casual go-to for America's most craved FALAFEL cooked in different ways — sandwiches, food bowls, shawarmas, and platters!

Mind you, these dishes aren't just served fresh and packed with flavor!

Amsterdam Falafelshop also ensures that everything you eat is HEALTHY and AUTHENTIC, thanks to its loving chefs with a passion for Dutch cuisine!

So whether you're vegan, vegetarian, living gluten-free, grew up on Middle Eastern food, or love falafel and shawarma, Amsterdam Falafelshop is the spot for you!

Oh, Amsterdam Falafelshop — always filling, tasty, and exciting!

2) Delights of Beirut 

7400 SW 57th Ave #4, Miami, FL 33143

Celebrate Lebanese culture, rich history, and legacy at Delights of Beirut, an authentic, vegan-friendly Lebanese restaurant in South Miami, just 7 minutes from Cocoplum!

Claiming to be the ONLY "real-deal" Lebanese food spot in Miami, Delights of Beirut offers an extensive menu that delivers a modern take on the historically savory Lebanese cuisine using a core of set ingredients emphasizing freshness and simplicity.   

From their starters to their Beirutee Trays, Delights of Beirut tantalizes diverse palates, creating a UNIQUE food haven where vegans and meat lovers can share their passion for a delicious, unforgettable meal!

Veggie grape leaves, Fattoush salads, Falafel sandwiches, and more — do you even need more convincing?

3) Minty Z

3206 Grand Ave, Miami, FL 33133

Are you ready for Miami's Asian food "game-changer?"

Say hello to Minty Z, a unique Asian fusion food spot offering vegan-friendly dishes made from scratch, located in Coconut Grove, 9 minutes away from Cocoplum!

We're talking plant-based dim sum, far East baked goods, creative power foods, and more, including two types of Omakase (eight-course and ten-course) tasting menus for the ULTIMATE dining experience!

A real-life dim sum haven - VEGANIZED!

Taste the heart of (reimagined)Asia within a realm of culinary enchantment where tradition meets contemporary allure — this is Minty Z, where community, creativity, and dim sum unite in a symphony of taste!

4) The Last Carrot 

3133 Grand Ave, Miami, FL 33133

Find the gem of everyday healthy food options in the streets of Coconut Grove, vegetarian and vegan faves included at The Last Carrot, a longstanding neighborhood go-to for a nutritious dining experience in The Grove, only a 9-minute drive from Cocoplum!

Smoothies, melts, salads, and more — at The Last Carrot, you won't find yourself scarce of flavorful and healthy dishes, thanks to its diverse menu of non-vegan and vegan specialties!

And the best news?

Everything is made fresh and affordable — perfect for after-workout sessions or light bites when you're hungry for something guilt-free!

And with that green sauce — aka Last Carrot's herb dressing — which has a cult following of its own?


Avocado Salad sandwich, anyone?

5) PLANTA Queen

3015 Grand Ave Suite 201, Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Stylish, delicious, and Vegan — welcome to PLANTA Queen, a celebration of innovative and plant-based Asian-inspired cuisine by chef David Lee, 10 minutes away from Cocoplum!

Serving unguilty pleasure in a high-energy and beautifully designed space with an overflow of fun, late-night vibes, PLANTA Queen rises at Coconut Grove with a mission to expand the accessibility and acceptability of plant-based dining in Florida and the rest of the country!

At PLANTA Queen, you can enjoy signatures like Truffle Udon and Bang Bang Broccoli alongside reinvented culinary favorites such as sushi, dumplings, and even sustainably crafted cocktails, providing flavorful proof that the power of plants can change the world — and your way of eating!

So, what are you waiting for?

Dine at PLANTA Queen and see plants differently!




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