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Top 5 Date Spots in Shenandoah

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Nov 7 9 minutes read

Let vibrant Cuban culture spearhead your "Escapada Romántica" in Shenandoah, a tiny neighborhood filled with unpretentious allure, hailed as an essential part of Miami's Little Havana!  

Geographically central and high and dry on a ridge, Shenandoah's modern borders are Calle Ocho to the north, Coral Way to the south, SW 12th Ave to the east, and SW 27th Ave to the west, just minutes from Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Brickell, and Downtown Miami. 

Meanwhile, within its perimeters, you'll find tree-lined streets, verdant yards, and harmonious streetscapes of bungalows and Mediterranean Revival architecture, offering tourists, most especially lovers and couples,  a destination that feels cut out of a fairytale, perfect for a whirlwind of ROMANCE in metro Miami!

Explore one of Miami's most unique landscapes for an interesting adventure to remember — this is Shenandoah!

Here are the top five date spots in Shenandoah.

1) Fall in love with Cuban coffee (and each other!) at La Colada Gourmet 

1518 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135 

When in Shenandoah (and Little Havana), a cup of Cuban coffee is an IMPERATIVE, so start your romantic date STRONG with delicious coffee and traditions at La Colada Gourmet, the "House of Cuban Coffee!"

With a name honoring the famous Cuban coffee recipe, La Colada, La Colada Gourmet boasts more than 20 coffee concoctions based on traditional Cuban blends, each specifically crafted to enhance the flavor of La Colada Gourmet's espresso and derive its different notes.

At La Colada Gourmet, you're guaranteed coffee beverages extracted from high-quality selected beans, including 100% Arabica harvested from mountains above 4,800 feet (SHG – strictly high ground), and from certified plantations, roasted Cuban-style daily to keep with traditions!

It'll be the PERFECT spot to recharge AND enjoy intimate conversations with your partner — alongside a delicious coffee, at that!

2) Liven your date with an escapade to Calle Ocho 

762 A SW 18th Ave, Miami, FL 33135

Are you thinking of skipping Calle Ocho?

Here's a spoiler alert — you can't call it a Shenandoah - Little Havana rendezvous without it!

Welcome to Calle Ocho, the icing on top of Miami's little slice of Cuba!

With a sprinkling of shops featuring an array of hard-to-find Cuban delights, from hand-rolled cigars to guayabera shirts (fitting for the subtropical weather) and handmade souvenirs, Calle Ocho is the main thoroughfare of Little Havana, serving as an anchor to its social, cultural, and culinary scenes.

Explore the bright murals and colorful painted rooster sculptures along Calle Ocho-- your date won't get enough of this vibrant public art! 

Aside from its shopping, dining, and IG-worthy spots and public art, Calle Ocho hosts one of the largest annual street festivals in the world, the Calle Ocho Music Festival, which invites participants to create a spectacle of national pride by donning the flags or colors of their home country, playing a variety of Latin music, and selling popular food dishes from nations around the world. 

It's one big party waiting to happen, and you can't miss out on this experience when you go on a date around Shenandoah!

3) Immerse in Cuban culture at Máximo Gómez Park

1444 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

Are you looking for the ULTIMATE date spot to keep your rendezvous in theme with the Cuban tradition?

Have a round of dominoes at the Máximo Gómez Park!

Usually enjoyed with a cup of Cuban coffee and cigars, the "odd" trio is a 40+-year tradition Cubans have shared with the local peeps of Little Havana, all of which you can witness first-hand at the Máximo Gómez Park!

Any time of the day, you'll find regulars sipping their Cuban coffees and playing dominoes with friends, filling the park with authentic Latin energy and competitive banter-- undoubtedly something exciting to watch!

It's a good thing players don't mind the audience!

Apart from the vibrant ambiance, the Máximo Gómez Park features walkways of domino-decorated tilework, a perimeter lined with benches for spectators, and a gorgeous painted mural depicting the presidents of all American nations who attended the first Summit of the Americas, held in Miami in 1994, created by Dominican artist Oscar Thomas!

There's nothing like a lively crowd, beautiful surroundings, and unique traditions to keep a date going, right?

4) Sophisticate your palates with a traditional Spanish dinner at Xixón Spanish Restaurant

2101 SW 22nd St, Miami, FL 33145

More often than not, showing appreciation through a mouthwatering dinner spread is better than words, so treat your partner to something AUTHENTIC and memorable, like a traditional Spanish dinner at Xixón Spanish Restaurant!

Founded 22 years ago, in the distant 2001, by a pure Asturian strain, Doña Begoñia Tuya, Xixón Spanish Restaurant remembers the life and dream of the longed-for Calderón through a unique Spanish gastronomic experience.

We're talking 138 dishes divided into hot and cold tapas, paellas, rice, meat, fish, Chef's specialties, boards, sandwiches, and desserts of the most different tastes featuring a culinary marvel like no other!

Xixón Spanish Restaurant also boasts a hip and modern dining area, complete with a cellar that makes you feel like you've been spirited off to wine country — the most romantic ambiance for a dinner date to remember!

5) Swim in art, cocktails, and entertainment at Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Center

1465 SW 8th St #106, Miami, FL 33135

The night is young, and there's more fun to be had at Calle Ocho, so before you hit the sack and call it a day, get a feel of Little Havana's lively entertainment scene by visiting one of the neighborhood's go-to hangouts, the Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Center!

Considered a mainstay of the arts renaissance in Little Havana, Cubaocho is a museum and gathering space where art, music, dance, cigars, and mojitos converge. 

At Cubaocho, guests can gaze at a massive collection of 19th-century and early- to mid-20th-century Cuban art as they sip on a cocktail-- it's the ultimate game-changer to your Saturday date nights!

Besides its art collection, Cubaocho is home to a research library and cafe bar boasting an impressive selection of rums, along with a lineup of entertainment and live performances ranging from salsa bands to Latin jam sessions and Cuban jazz artists-- it's a legendary descarga come to life!

Entertainment, drinks, good food, art, live performances, and the warm company of your date — could your night end any better?




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