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Moving to Coral Gables? 7 Things You Need To Do Immediately!

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Feb 7 12 minutes read

Bask in the historical elegance, vibrant allure, and unique Mediterranean-inspired architecture of Coral Gables, an iconic community painted with sprawling botanical gardens, canopied streets, and all the magical wonders Miami offers — Welcome to "City Beautiful!"   

Wander along the tree-lined boulevards, ivy-covered mansions, and lavishly green avenues of Coral Gables, a luxurious, Mediterranean-inspired paradise southwest of Downtown Miami and west of Coconut Grove, offering proximity to the affluent communities of South Miami, Westchester, and Coral Terrace.

Accentuated by civic landmarks and playful architectural features from the Mediterranean Revival's signature style, Coral Gables teases tourists with a more charming, nature-in-tuned side of Miami, where Old World flavor blends seamlessly with world-class EVERYTHINGshopping, dining, entertainment, historical sites, and attractions!

But for Miami locals, Coral Gables' significance extends beyond its irresistible beauty.

To its residents, Coral Gables is also a bustling commercial district, a top employment center, and a coveted residential oasis to call HOME, where abundant creature conveniences and prime real estate meet.

And if you've decided to move into this proud city, CONGRATULATIONS!

As you ease into Coral Gables' serene, slow-paced rhythm, elegance, and unique charm while drinking in all its glory, you'll know you've made the RIGHT decision!

Here are 7 things you need to do IMMEDIATELY when moving to Coral Gables. 


The Fundamentals of Coral Gables Living: Meet Your ULTIMATE Utility Checklist 

Moving-in checklists vary from person to person, but out of all the "to-do's," only two things remain "unfazed" at the top of these lists — sorting out the electricity and water in the new address!

Still at a loss on how to apply for electricity and water services at your Coral Gables home?

Meet your ULTIMATE Utility Checklist and Guide!

To set up your electricity, log into your existing Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) website account to request a service transfer to your new address — you'll only need to advise FPL of the date of disconnection (old address), the date of re-connection, and the complete address of your new home.

However, if you're new to Florida, you'll have to submit an online application together with your Social Security, Driver's License, Social Insurance, or Tax ID number, the complete service address, and the connection date!

A deposit of $25 (minimum) and initial set-up fees may be charged before service connection, whether you're a new or existing FPL customer.

For those who prefer natural gas service, check in with established providers like TECO Peoples Gas and Florida City Gas (FCG)!

Once availability is confirmed, submit the necessary IDs and date of connection through your newly created online account, and you'll be all set!

Meanwhile, existing customers will only need to advise TECO or FCG of the date of disconnection (old address), the date of re-connection, and the new address.

Expect to be charged deposit fees based on your home's square footage and equal to twice the average monthly bill, alongside a connection fee, before the service starts.

To complete your list, check for water and sewer availability on the Miami-Dade Water & Sewer website!

Once confirmed, new customers must create an online account and deposit $50 for water, $50 for sewer, and a non-refundable $45 connection fee, and existing owners are also required to settle any outstanding balance before the selected transfer date.


Bringing "Stability" To Your Coral Gables Home: Answering The "How-To's" Of Setting Up Your Cable And Internet Services

In these modern times, a reliable internet connection at home is NON-NEGOTIABLE, especially if you're working from home, a homebody, or just someone who LOVES surfing the Web!

So, if you're hunting for competitive internet-cable bundles around Coral Gables, look to Comcast Xfinity and AT&T, two of Miami's leading service providers!

Once you've decided on a plan or package, apply for a new service online or in person at the nearest store in your area by submitting your complete address and proper IDs, and set up your cable and internet with no sweat!

Meanwhile, if you're an existing Comcast and AT&T customer, just request a service transfer — all you need to do is settle the remaining balance on your account, if any, and you're good to go!

It's also best to have money on hand, in case you need to settle deposits, activation/installation, and equipment rental fees upfront.

Otherwise, you may see these charges on your first bill.


Transitioning To The Floridian Lifestyle: Applying For Your Very First Coral Gables ID

Excited for a lifetime in the "City Beautiful?"

Make it official by getting your very first Coral Gables ID — your Florida driver's license!

A requirement within 30 days of establishing residency, your Florida driver's license is also your "ticket" for driving around Coral Gables and the rest of Florida without a violation, so think of it as hitting two birds with one stone!

To apply, visit the nearest Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) or any local office offering driver's license services and submit the necessary documents. 

Click on the applicable residency status to know which documents to have on hand when you apply:

For a complete list of driver's license fees, click here.

Applicants with current or previous driver's licenses from another state, country, or jurisdiction may be allowed to forego mandatory Drug and Alcohol courses, the Class E Knowledge exam, and the Florida Driving test, but taking the Vision and Hearing test is still a requisite.

You'll also have to get insurance to title and register your vehicle(s) within ten (10) days of establishing residency.

Meanwhile, if you already have a Florida driver's license, notify the DMV to get a new driver's license with your updated address.


The Bridge Towards Success: An Introduction To Coral Gables' Best Schools

Bringing along your school-aged kids to your big Coral Gables move?

Start researching the perfect school before your anticipated move-in date!

Are you looking to enroll your kids in a new school upon your big Bay Harbor Islands move?

Boasting several of the finest educational institutions in Miami-Dade County, Coral Gables is a treasure trove of primary, secondary, and senior high school options, both public and private!

We're talking about Sunset Elementary School, Somerset Gables Academy, Coral Gables Preparatory Academy, International Studies Preparatory Academy, and more — the list is endless! 

If you need a run-down of all the schools in Coral Gables, visit our blog, Schools in Coral Gables!

Alternatively, you can also check the Miami-Dade County Public Schools website for a complete list of public schools in and around Coral Gables.

And if you're ever in need of childcare services during your work hours, feel free to click on Daycares in Coral Gables to find out your options!


A Full Immersion To The Coral Gables Community: Shaping The Future Through Voting 

Living life as a non-registered voter?

Before your anticipated move-in date, or at least once you've settled into your Coral Gables home, prioritize applying for a voter's registration!

In doing so, you're giving yourself a voice within your new community while protecting it and your city at the same time!

If you're over the age of 18 and are a United States citizen who meets all the requirements, submit your application together with the proper IDs and documents through the Florida Department of State or the Miami-Dade County Elections Department online, by mail or in person at the Elections Department or any Elections Branch office!

Any current and valid identification with a photograph and signature (e.g., Florida Driver's License, United States passport, etc.) should be enough to approve your registration!

For any questions about other legal forms of identification and supplementary requirements, visit this link.


Becoming One With Mother Nature: Coral Gables' House Rules On Recycling And Waste Management

Hailed as one of the leading neighborhoods in Miami City, Coral Gables prides itself on preserving its natural beauty, historical sights, spotless avenues, and verdant parks.

With this, The City of Coral Gables - Sanitation Services provides a strict implementation of recycling and waste management, which every member dutifully acknowledges, follows, and takes to heart, allowing "City Beautiful" to be the safe, clean, and green paradise it is.

Upon moving into Coral Gables, it's important to familiarize yourself with the established recycling and waste collection management, which are as follows:

  • Garbage & Trash collection for Single-Family homes (twice a week) - Monday and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday
  • Recycling collection (daily, depending on the address) and pre-dated Recycling drive-thru events
  • "Bulky" trash collection by the City of Miami Solid Waste Department (once a week)
  • Multi-family residence garbage & trash collection by the City of Miami Solid Waste Department (twice a week)

Any waste management violation will result in a fine or arrest.

Become a proud member of the Coral Gables community through environmental stewardship — the future generation will thank you for it!


A Rare Pearl Of Tranquility In The City: Discovering The Wonders Of Coral Gables

Done with the "hullabaloo" of moving in?

Put on your most comfortable shoes and get ready for a day of exploring — it's time to explore and experience the magic of Coral Gables!

Peruse through Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and enjoy its lush, tropical allure, stop by the historic Biltmore Hotel and drown in its grandeur, cool off at the Venetian Pool on a hot summer afternoon, and spend the sunset at Matheson Hammock Park & Marina! 

Indeed, there's so much to see and do in Coral Gables!

And what do you know?

That's just the tip of the iceberg!

So, for more "down-low" on "City Beautiful," visit our blog, Coral Gables, Miami, Florida - EVERYTHING You Want to Know, and meander through Coral Gables like a PRO!



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