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Dog-Friendly Parks in Miami Beach

Amit Bhuta

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I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Feb 6 18 minutes read

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Welcome to "America's Riviera," a cosmopolitan city whose residents are as diverse as its visitors, the ever-famous Miami Beach-- THE choice destination to experience in Magic City when traveling with a four-legged companion!

Nestled on natural and manmade islands between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach offers a smorgasbord of things to do and sights to see.

It is comprised of the South Beach neighborhood, located at the southernmost 2.5 square miles (6.5 km2) of the city, along with Downtown Miami and the Port of Miami, collectively forming the commercial center of South Florida.

From quaint cafes to contemporary art museums and botanical gardens to lit drag brunches, this coastal resort city offers anything and everything AMAZING

Not to mention, it's also been one of America's most famous beach resorts since the early 20th century.

Indeed, there's ALWAYS something for everyone in Miami Beach-- 'hooman' or otherwise!

Here's a list of dog-friendly parks in Miami Beach.

1) Belle Isle Park 

Belle Isle Park, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Welcome to Belle Isle Park, home to one of Miami Beach's dog parks, the Belle Isle Dog Park, a fantastic destination made just for Fido!

Located in the center of a small island connecting Miami Beach to the city, Belle Isle Park offers plenty of amenities you can enjoy, such as a winding, paved walkway that guides you through the park perimeters, always green and filled with soft, well-maintained grass, water fountains for you and your pup, and benches under shade trees.

Belle Isle Park also has a playground for kids.

Meanwhile, Belle Isle Dog Park has two separate enclosures within the dog play area for small and big dogs. Poop bags are available too.

Don't forget to bring a leash! 

You'll need it when coming in and out of the park.

2) Canopy Park 

701 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Canopy Park, Miami Beach's new three-acre community park situated between the 600 and 700 blocks of Alton Road, is now open to the public and their dogs! 

At Canopy Park, visitors can enjoy open greenspaces shaded by native tree species, pedestrian trails, and bike paths, an outdoor gym, a dog run, an expansive children's playground, and public art displays. 

Designed with sustainability in mind, Canopy Park reflects how landscape architecture can serve as a green resiliency solution for coastal communities with a host of environmentally conscious features, including a Maritime Hammock, bioswales, and a 25,000-gallon cistern to conserve and manage rainwater.

As for its four-legged visitors, they'll have their slice of heaven on the park's designated ovular lawn!

An environmentally conscious nature spot for outdoor lovers and pups? 

Who can resist this beauty?

3) Collins Park 

2100 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

A small park that boasts perfectly manicured lawns, winding sidewalks, and palm trees for the perfect photo backdrop, Collins Park is, yet again, another lush and serene nature spot you can bring your dog to when traveling to Miami Beach!

Decorated with public art, the park offers a small playground for children, walking paths for a stroll with Fido, an expansive grass area to enjoy a quiet moment, and a prime location near top tourist attractions in Miami Beach! 

Collins Park is the perfect stopover after dilly-dallying in the city with your pup!

Be sure to bring a lead when dropping by! 

Collins Park only allows doggie visitors on a leash.

4) Pride Park 

1809 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139

Relax at Miami Beach's new 5.8-acre Pride Park, across from the Miami Beach Convention Center! 

Along with Miami Beach Botanical Garden and several other attractions, it is part of the Miami Beach City Center Campus in the Miami Beach Convention Center district. 

Pride Park, which is named in support of the LGBTQ+ community, and to promote civic pride in the City of Miami Beach, offers a shaded respite with a veterans memorial, walkways, a sculpture by celebrated artists Elmgreen & Dragset, and a central lawn. 

The park allows dogs on leashes.

Whether you're in the area for a convention or just exploring Miami Beach, Pride Park is a great place to unwind while surrounded by nature.

5) Flamingo Park

11 Street & Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach FL 33139

Nestled in the heart of South Beach is a 36.53-acre park that dates back to 1950 that your pup will love to explore!

Welcome to Flamingo Park, a famous South Beach recreational destination with a beautifully landscaped state-of-the-art aquatic facility, a world-class baseball stadium, basketball courts, handball/racquetball courts, a memorial football stadium/running track, and soccer and softball fields. 

Yes, folks, this park is jampacked with activities, and best of all, it has a bark park for canine visitors too!

The dog park has two separate areas, one opened at a time, to continuously serve the users. 

The bark park serves as a social setting for owners to let their dogs off-leash, but remember to clean up after your pup and maintain them on a leash in all other areas of Flamingo Park.

Water is available in the runs, so Fido can grab a drink when needed. 

The property is also home to agility and training equipment and a bike and walking track, where Fido is welcome to join his family on a lead. 

Complimentary poop bags are available on the premises. 

Other park amenities include a tot lot/playground and a tennis center.

6) Lummus Park  

1130 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Occupying the beachfront, from 5th to 15th Street, Lummus Park is a 74-acre public urban park and one of South Beach's hidden gems.

While dogs aren't allowed to set foot on the actual beach, they're free to roam leashed on the park's walkways and grassy areas 24/7, with one of the paved walkways running parallel to the beach! 

Lummus Park is also perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and fitness, all of which dog owners can do after a fun stroll around the park perimeters. 

Other amenities include playgrounds for the kids, benches, umbrellas, and chaise rentals.

If your pup loves walks, this ten-block stretch in South Beach is for you!

7) Marjory Stoneman Douglas Ocean Beach Park  

225 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

At the south of Ocean Drive is another picturesque and tranquil park for outdoor lovers and dog owners who want to avoid the crowds-- Marjory Stoneman Douglas Ocean Beach Park.

While the park isn't as famous as South Pointe Park, Hobie Island Beach Park, or Haulover Beach Dog Park, it offers a safe space for a calm, leashed stroll with your pup at its entrance and is adjacent to the beach for some sun and fun on the sand. 

Other park amenities include an expansive playground for the kids, choice spots for a picnic, a lengthy bike/walk path, and benches for relaxing.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Ocean Beach Park is also nestled between South Point and Art Deco Drive, so you'll be close to an array of restaurants and hotels!

8) Maurice Gibb Memorial Park  

18th St & Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

A palm-shaded waterfront park with playgrounds & paths memorializing the late Bee Gees band member, Maurice Gibb Memorial Park offers stunning waterfront views and is a popular spot for couples, dog owners, and families alike. 

Yes, folks, this park allows dogs within its perimeter as long as they're leashed!

The gorgeous nature spot offers large shade trees, a playground for the kids, and an array of walking paths. There is also a wooden platform on the water, covered by trees, for enjoying the breeze.

It's a peaceful park to bring Fido for some sun and nature appreciation. 

Adjacent to the park is the Sunset Harbour condos, and its marina, so it makes for some fun people-watching and boat-watching, too!

9) Miami Beach Soundscape  

400 17th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Miami Beach Soundscape Park is the green heart of Frank Gehry's New World Symphony campus, a world-class destination that marries music, design, and culture. 

The lush, contemporary park is the perfect place for visitors to unwind year-round under the shade of trees or a starlit sky-- whether you're human or the furry kind!

Iconic pergolas embrace the park edges, their shape inspired by the puffy cumulous clouds inherent in South Florida's tropical climate. 

Their hand-fabricated painted aluminum structures not only provide shade but also support the spectacular blooms of bougainvillea vines, highlighting a threshold of color at the park's points of entry.

One of the park's most prominent features is an unprecedented, distinctive, and ambitious audio-visual program that creates an outdoor theatre – offering free performances at concert-level quality. 

The design of a family of custom architectural elements– the Ballet Bar, the Projection Tower, and the Media Hydrants – transformed what could have been an overwhelming number of park structures into an integrated and lyrical park element.

This 2.5-acre urban park welcomes well-behaved, leashed dogs at most of its events, including concerts, films, yoga, and other public gatherings. 

Dogs are allowed on the park grounds but not in the adjacent New World Symphony building.

Don't forget to bring a leash!

10) South Pointe Park (Top-Pick!)

1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

At the southern tip of South Beach, located a few minutes from Fisher Island, is South Pointe Park, a beautifully landscaped park with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, Government Cut, and Downtown skyline. 

At South Pointe Park, you'll have access to the beach, an array of walking trails, picnic and barbecue areas, benches, a cafe, and an off-leash bark park. 

There is also a mini water playground perfect for cooling off on a warm day, complete with a jungle gym and lush landscaping!

Meanwhile, take a stroll along the park's 20-foot wide promenade for photo-worthy views and see Fisher Island across the water as yachts pass by and continue to South Pointe Pier. 

The 450-foot pier is a popular gathering spot for visitors and locals to fish and watch kayakers, surfers, and Jet Skiers. 

It has viewing stations, turtle-safe lighting, recycling bins for fishing lines, and places to cut bait and wash freshly caught fish.

Explore South Pointe Park's winding paths, where you can run, bike, rollerblade, or skateboard. 

You can also enjoy quality time with your toes in the sand at the park's beach, where you can surf, play volleyball, and paddleboard!

While you can bring your pup to the bark park on the western side, all four-legged friends must be leashed in all other areas. 

Pets are not allowed on the beach.

11) Washington Avenue Bark Park  

Washington Park, 201 2nd St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Two of Miami Beach's famous dog hangouts are the Washington Avenue Park's Bark Parks, located at the North East Corner of Washington Avenue and 2nd Street. 

Yes, there are two of them! 

There's no doubt it's a doggy haven (x2) that your pup will enjoy exploring!

The park features two double-gated dog runs, which allow owners to unleash their pets in a holding area before releasing them into the play areas. 

Other park amenities include benches, drinking fountains with doggy water pickets, waste collection, and disposal containers. 

While Washington Avenue Bark Park is an off-leash park for dogs, owners must carry a leash with them as a precaution.

12) Bark Beach-North Beach Oceanside Park (Top-Pick!)

8328 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141

Who knew dogs could be so lucky lounging beachside at their very own Bark Beach? 

Found in North Beach Oceanside Park, Bark Beach is your pup's perfect spot for sun, sand, and sea!

While the entire beach area along North Beach Oceanside Park is off-limits to non-human visitors, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between 1:30 PM and 5:30 PM are an exception! 

During this period, the section between 80th and 81st Streets becomes an off-leash doggy paradise! 

That's right, your dog can romp in the sand and splash in the water during these special dog-designated hours, but be sure they keep within the dog beach area.

Let your dog play under the sun, crush the sand castle you built, or get their paws wet on the beach. 

Your dog can run the stretch without a leash,  but keep it on hand, as you'll need it when entering and exiting Bark Beach and in the rest of the park. 

If you didn't know, North Beach Oceanside Park also has another treasure for dogs, a dog park within the park! 

It has two double-fenced dog-run areas, one for large dogs and one for small dogs, so your pup can ditch the leash again inside the area!

The dog park also features water fountains for thirsty pups, benches, bags, and trash cans to make clean-up a breeze!

13) Fairway Park  

200 Fairway Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33141

A beautiful family park set south of Normandy Shores Golf Course; Fairway Park is a gated dog-friendly Miami Beach park that boasts public access to an array of amenities that'll make your trip memorable!

At the park, you can enjoy a children's playground with swings, slides, and a rock climbing walk, two tennis courts, a basketball court, a soccer field, and pavilions with public bathrooms and vending machines. 

It also has its own dog park!

Nestled on the southeast corner of the park, you'll find Fairway Park Bark Park, which features a double-gated dog entrance area that allows owners to unleash their pets in a holding area before releasing them into the off-leash bark park. 

Other dog park amenities include a complimentary dog waste collection station and disposal can.

Don't forget to bring a leash! 

While the Bark Park allows dogs to explore without it, you'll need to put your pup on a lead in the rest of Fairway Park.

14) Pinetree Dog Park-Pinetree Park  

4493 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

A serene waterfront natural area that features shady trees, leisure areas, asphalt walking paths, a kayak launch, and more, Pinetree Park is a dreamy nature destination that you can share with Fido!

Aside from the above-mentioned amenities and facilities, Pinetree Park boasts a community garden and a bark park for furry visitors. 

At the dog park, you'll find two fenced areas, divided for small and large breeds, where your dog can run wild with their four-legged friends. 

There are also benches available for owners to sit on while they wait.

Before you leave, grab some complimentary water available at the hydration stations around the park.

Although this dog park is off-leash, your dog must remain on-leash before entering and exiting the dog park.

15) Stillwater Bark Park-Stillwater Park  

8440 Hawthorne Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141

Located at the entrance of gated Stillwater, Stillwater Park is a cozy triangle-shaped green space in the Biscayne Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach.

The park features amenities for all ages, including a playground designed for children ages 5–12, spring riders, a climbing board, a track rider (or zip line), a seesaw, toddler and youth swings, a fully lit basketball court, and a grassy field with benches. 

There are also picnic tables and benches peppered throughout the park.

The good news? 

This park offers a bark park for Fido! Located at the northwest corner of Stillwater Park, it features two double-gated dog entrance areas, divided for small and large breeds, allowing owners to unleash their pets in a holding area before releasing them into the off-leash spots. 

Other park amenities include a drinking fountain for owners and dogs, waste collection, and disposal containers.

16) Haulover Beach Park (Top-Pick!) 

10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33154

Feast your eyes on Haulover Beach Park, a 177-acre urban park between the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. 

It is known as one of Miami Beach's premier dog-furiendly beaches, attracting people and their pooches from all over the world to its sandy shores!

Yes, folks, there are tons of fun to be had at this paw-some beach!

Take a stroll on the nearby dock or enjoy a picnic at tables. 

Or, if you're looking for an expansive space your dog can enjoy, visit Bark Park, an off-leash dog park in Haulover Beach Park. 

It features fenced large and small dog sections, drinking water, and clean-up bags for your convenience.

But that's not all!

If you're looking forward to swimming with your canine, you have come to the right place! 

You'll find a dog-friendly designated beach area between Lifeguard Towers #2 and #3, available from 8 am to 3 pm. 

Just be sure to keep your dogs on a leash until they're safely in the designated off-leash dog zones of the park and beach.


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