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Decluttering After the Holidays

The end of the holiday season not only signals the start of a new year, but also the need to put away the decors we so painstakingly put up the past couple of months. Take a look at these simple tips and tricks to make decluttering after the holiday season much easier!


Decluttering After the Holidays

Amit Bhuta

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I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Jan 6 3 minutes read

Pick Your Style

If you have multiple themes for your display, take a quick look at them and check to see how well they match your home. Settling on a style you would prefer for your home as early as now would make it easier to find decors for the coming seasons. Modern homes look better with neutral themes and colors like silver and gold, while traditional styles may look good in red and green.

Sort and Purge

Before you start packing them up, getting started on sorting your decorations will be easier while everything is still laid out. Grab a bin for garbage or donations and if you have items you don't want to use anymore, now is a good time to chuck them.  If you're unsure whether an item is a keeper or not, then put it away for now.

Consider the Effort

As you go through your decorations, take a good hard look and consider the time needed to set and maintain each one of them. If you're not looking to spend as much time as you did last year putting up your decorations, you might want to eliminate high maintenance displays like inflatables and Christmas villages from your current stash.

Keep Things Organized

As you pack things up, keeping things organized will be a good idea. Take advantage of the post-holiday sales to grab ornament boxes or storage bins. Containers with adjustable compartments work great to ensure you can protect fragile items from damage while maximizing space. Check out these tips for some great ideas on how you can put away your decors.

Set A Limit

While putting your holiday stuff away, you can decide how many boxes you would like to keep and keep going through the steps above until you reach your limit. Going the minimalist way for your decorations will not only be helpful in avoiding clutter all year round, it will also make it easier and faster to do your decors when the next holiday season rolls around.

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