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Daycares near Cocoplum

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Apr 11 11 minutes read

Dubbed as South Florida's "Most Desirable Community," Cocoplum is Coral Gables' most coveted private waterfront neighborhood, planned to perfect the nature-slash-architectural distinction while offering a life of city conveniences, including shopping, dining, and nearby schools & daycares for excellent childcare during work hours!

A secluded, gated community bordering the Gables Waterway and the Biscayne Bay edge, Cocoplum is minutes from Downtown Coral Gables and home to 302 estate homes, including 172 waterfront residencies.

And yes, you read it right! 

Aside from luxurious array of waterfront properties and stunning mansions, the luxe paradise is in a central location near the metropolitan area brimming with the best of Miami education-- whether we're talking about schools or daycares offering childcare and preschool programs!

Here's a list of daycares near Cocoplum.

1) Mrs. Payan Preschool

3741 S Le Jeune Rd, Coconut Grove, FL 33146

A private Coconut Grove daycare and preschool providing young children with a smooth introduction to formal schooling, Mrs. Payan Preschool focuses on the student's emotional and academic growth to prepare them for a happy and healthy life.

Tucked away in tranquil Coconut Grove, Mrs. Payan Preschool offers a high-quality education in a family, homey environment. 

Despite its small-school setting, Mrs. Payan Preschool boasts a thriving Montessori education mixed with key methods of the traditional approach, customized for kids ages 3-6 years old. 

Mrs. Payan Preschool is your young child's home away from home!

This school is a 5-minute drive from Cocoplum.

2) Bilingual Cooperative Preschool

1205 Sunset Dr, Miami, FL 33143

A private Coral Gables daycare and preschool founded in 1980 by Lilian Buchanan and Maria Emery, the Bilingual Cooperative Preschool takes advantage of Miami's rich cultural diversity, forming a unique environment that honors cultural differences through socialization, education and language development in English and Spanish.

The Bilingual Cooperative Preschool follows two tenets: bilingual language development and cooperation. 

Half of Bilingual Coop's daily lessons are taught in English, and the rest is in Spanish. 

A lush tropical garden shades its playground and surrounds the schoolhouse, providing an idyllic setting for fun and learning.

This school is a 5-minute drive from Cocoplum.

3) Riviera Day School

6800 Nervia St, Coral Gables, FL 33146

A private Coral Gables school with a preschool program, Riviera Day School aims to achieve academic excellence in each student while instilling a sense of self-worth and independence.

An intimate environment and familial approach are hallmarks of the Riviera experience. 

At Riviera Day School, the staff provides individual attention to every student, ensuring an impact at every level and helping make Riviera their second home. 

No doubt, Riviera Day School is a true community in which students and faculty gather daily to challenge themselves to reach new heights and to effect positive change in the world around them.

This school is a 6-minute drive from Cocoplum.

4) Child Care Center at Riviera Presbyterian Church

5275 Sunset Dr, Miami, FL 33143

A private, non-profit Coral Gables daycare & preschool for families of infants through 5 years of age, Child Care Center at Riviera Presbyterian Church is home to a trusted & affordable care play-based education and childcare. 

Learning at the Child Care Center is through hands-on experiences, where play provides the tools to build critical thinking and foster emotional, social, and physical development. 

Child Care Center applies the Creative Curriculum to its program structure, where the whole person-- intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, and social-- is respected, nurtured, and guided into development.

Child Care Center offers programs for different age groups, including Infants, Toddlers, Pre-Scooters, Scooters, Bloomers & Delights, and the Fantastics (VPK).

This school is a 6-minute drive from Cocoplum.

5) Margaux Early Childhood School

5500 Granada Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33146

A private Jewish Coral Gables daycare center and preschool providing an exciting, creative, and nurturing space for children ages 15 months to 5 years, Margaux Early Childhood School is an inclusive childcare and educational institution welcoming Jewish and non-Jewish children and families.

At Margaux Early Childhood School, teachers and childcare specialists follow a developmentally-appropriate curriculum that furthers each child's intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth. 

The Margaux Early Childhood School academic program includes exploration and hands-on learning, a Spanish immersion program, and enrichment classes that include cooking and art.

Margaux Early Childhood School also offers an extended day program designed to be a high-quality extension of the day's exploration.

This school is a 6-minute drive from Cocoplum.

6) KLA Schools of Coral Gables

4573 Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables, FL 33146

A private Coral Gables daycare and preschool facility, KLA Schools of Coral Gables is a culturally rich, diverse group of families and educators working together to provide the best early childhood education and preschool experience possible for infants - five-year-olds. 

KLA Schools of Coral Gables believes preschool education should constantly evolve, differentiate, and be flexible. 

With this in mind, the institution offers young children endless opportunities to empower them positively, fostering a safe and innovative environment with high-quality education using the Reggio Emilia approach. 

Aside from in-depth education, KLA Schools of Coral Gables boasts spacious, organized, and aesthetically beautiful classrooms with natural, recycled, and open-ended materials and an 'Atelier' with an inspiring array of natural and human-made materials visually available to explore.

This school is a 7-minute drive from Cocoplum.

7) Miami Jewish Montessori 

3713 Main Hwy, Miami, FL 33133

A private Jewish Coconut Grove daycare center and preschool providing an exciting, creative, and nurturing space for children ages 15 months to 6 years, Miami Jewish Montessori is an inclusive childcare and educational institution that lives by the Maria Montessori approach to learning.

Banking on the foundation of the meaningful relationship between child and educator, Miami Jewish Montessori encourages teachers to focus on each student to help them achieve their academic goals, including one-by-one sessions multiple times a day. 

It helps teachers become in tune with their student's emotional well-being, helping them through difficult or big emotions with dignity and respect.

Miami Jewish Montessori also believes in individualized lesson plans to address each child's needs and interests, zoning in on their particular strengths and weaknesses rather than a statistic of a larger group.

This school is an 8-minute drive from Cocoplum.

8) Plymouth Congregational Preschool 

3429 Devon Rd, Miami, FL 33133

A non-profit, church-related Coconut Grove preschool, Plymouth Congregational Preschool teaches kids through exploration and experience facilitated by well-educated teachers in a small-class setting within a loving and caring environment. 

Offering early morning and afternoon care classes for kids ages two to four, Plymouth Congregational Preschool commits to providing an excellent Early Childhood program using the Creative Curriculum, a nationally-recognized, research-based, and comprehensive curriculum promoting learning through inquiry, discovery, and exploration.

Plymouth Preschool also boasts a Gold Seal of Excellence for its quality Early Childhood Education Program.

This school is an 8-minute drive from Cocoplum.

9) Bright Horizons at UM Canterbury Preschool

1150 Stanford Dr, Coral Gables, FL 33146

A private Coral Gables daycare and preschool that sets the stage for your child's future success, Bright Horizons at UM Canterbury Preschool Coral Gables is a fun environment that inspires learning and exploration.

At Bright Horizons at UM Canterbury Preschool, children will discover a love for reading, engage in nature-inspired activities, and have plenty of unstructured play and socialization. 

Meanwhile, its curriculum is rooted in the science of learning, allowing children to develop the skills of problem-solving and project work through play. 

The unique approach provides young children with the best early education experiences possible!

This school is an 8-minute drive from Cocoplum.

10) Aguamarina Preschools South Miami 

7515 SW 61st Ave, South Miami, FL 33143

A private South Miami daycare and preschool boasting a child-centered hands-on education excellency with a non-stop journey to being resourceful, creative, agile, and confident, Aguamarina Preschools is another daycare and preschool option near Cocoplum.

At Aguamarina Preschools, learning and socializing are developed through fun activities. 

The institution is a proud member of the AISF (Association of Independent Schools of Florida), which entitles it to the Gold Seal, making Aguamarina Preschools a school of the highest quality standards. 

Its learning areas include the Language Explosion, Writing Boom, Science Lab, Genius Field, Gym Motion, Arts Studio, Fantasy Land, and Sensory Station.

All these amenities help improve infants' and young kids' intellectual, social, and emotional skills to prepare them for the big school and the world.

This school is an 8-minute drive from Cocoplum.



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