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Daycares in The Roads

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

May 7 10 minutes read

A triangular, history-filled community celebrated for its beautiful streets, gorgeous homes, and quality education and childcare, The Roads is your peaceful escape to Downtown Miami's bustling, fast-paced lifestyle!

Stretching from South Miami Avenue on the south to S.W. 13th Street/S.W. 7th Avenue/S.W. 11th Street on the north and S.W. 15th Road to S.W. 12th Avenue on its east-west axis, The Roads lies between Brickell and the bayfront village of Coconut Grove.

The quaint neighborhood boasts old, single-family residential homes, lush tree-covered streets, top-notch private schools, and quality daycares for the community's young members.

A neighborhood that uniquely stands out from its neighboring communities, one with a prime location, outstanding amenities, spectacular views, and a family-friendly appeal-- Welcome to The Roads!

Here's a list of daycares in The Roads.

1) Global Connection Preschool

2401 SW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33129

A private The Roads daycare and preschool immersing children in language and culture through playful hands-on learning indoor and outdoor classroom experiences, Global Connection Preschool is a stimulating, multicultural environment open for infants to young kids.

With a nurturing curriculum incorporating Language, STEAM, Music & Movement, and Physical education, Global Connection Preschool connects children to different worldviews while teaching them to become respectful, contributing, knowledgeable, and critically thinking global citizens. 

Friendly and meaningful relationships with peers and the staff are also taken as an advantage for Global Connection Preschool students, as both provide a safe foundation for children to build self-confidence and independence.

Aside from several indoor and outdoor activities, Global Connection Preschool offers English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese language and cultural experiences.

2) KLA Academy 

375 SW 15th Rd, Miami, FL 33129

A private The Roads school with daycare and preschool programs for kids from infancy to 5th Grade, KLA Academy provides a child-centered, hands-on approach to teaching and learning, unlike any other school in Miami.

KLA Academy fuels each child's innate creativity and capacity for wonder to make learning a life-changing experience. 

Children are encouraged to chart their learning journeys as they explore the world around them and grow into dynamic thinkers, creative collaborators, and motivated learners who follow their passions toward their futures. 

This belief shows the cornerstone of the KLA Academy experience, where intentionally-designed learning studios support the different stages of child development, inviting students to create, ask questions, and grow into kind, empathetic, resilient citizens of the world. 

Aside from in-depth education, KLA Academy boasts spacious, organized, and aesthetically beautiful classrooms with natural, recycled, and open-ended materials and an 'Atelier' with an inspiring array of natural and human-made materials visually available to explore.

3) La Prima Casa Montessori School - Roads Campus 

2733 SW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33129

A private The Roads school with daycare and preschool programs for kids ages six months to five years, La Prima Casa Montessori School - Roads Campus encourages early creativity and discovery in a fun environment promoting independent thinking and learning. 

Guided by the Maria Montessori approach to education, La Prima Casa Montessori School invites young minds to touch, feel, solve, create, fix, share, grow, ask, wonder, and achieve. 

La Prima Casa Montessori School believes that there are no step-by-step teaching formulas or pedagogical absolutes in learning and that individuality should be of utmost importance and consideration.

La Prima Casa Montessori School offers full-day and half-day child and infant care.

4) Bright Futures Academy Miami

2500 SW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33129

A private The Roads daycare and preschool home to a magical place bristling with excitement, imagination, and possibility, the Bright Futures Academy Miami is a perfect facility for young minds looking to explore their potential. 

With over 30 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, Bright Futures Academy Miami believes love and trust are significant to a child's development. 

The facility uses Constructivism as the foundation of its learning program, a theory in Education that focuses on learners building knowledge rather than passively taking in information. 

Bright Futures Academy Miami sets milestones in several areas of development and learning, including Social-Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, and Arts. 

The daycare also offers extracurricular activities in Art, Music, Dance, Chess, Soccer, Lego Robotics, and Coding Camps.

5) United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education

3250 SW 3rd Ave 2nd Floor, Miami, FL 33129

A private The Roads daycare and preschool stimulating young minds to develop an awareness of the world around them, the United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education welcomes young children ages six weeks to five years old.

From its competitive but fun curriculum to its 12,495-sq-ft high-tech facility, the United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education prepares children cognitively, physically, and emotionally to enter school eager and ready to learn. 

United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education kids have Meaningful Environments, Continuity of Care, Dual Language Learning, Early Literacy, Family Engagement, Inquiry-Based Learning, Scientific and Mathematical Thinking, Social Emotional Development, Technology, and Wellness programs (through indoor and outdoor activities) as part of the curriculum. 

6) Cherry Blossom Preschool

2933 SW 3rd Avenue Miami, FL 33129

A private bilingual The Roads daycare and preschool that helps children grow through creativity, self-expression, and good old-fashioned fun from infancy to Pre-K, the Cherry Blossom Preschool focuses on early childhood learning to develop the skills and attitude of students to thrive in academics.

Founded over 30 years ago, Cherry Blossom Learning Center inspires imagination and helps future generations get the most out of primary education.

Cherry Blossom Learning Center carefully designs and constantly updates its programs to offer curious minds and grabby hands the space and stimulation to create the path to creativity and confidence crucial for a child's development, well-being, and future happiness. 

The center also specializes in structured educational classes that nurture children's sense of wonder while introducing them to basic language, arts, math, science, and more.

Cherry Blossom Learning Center caters to Infants, Toddlers, and Pre-K students up to five years old.

7) Rainbow Intergenerational

700 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130

A non-profit The Roads daycare and preschool for infants and young children, the Rainbow Intergenerational Childcare caters to children from low-income families to develop their maximum potential by providing them access to safe, quality childcare services.

On behalf of all young children's needs, rights, and well-being, Rainbow Intergenerational Childcare respects and encourages each child's uniqueness and cultural diversity, using it to teach and learn from one another to build a strong community of learners. 

Aside from childcare services (0-5 years old), Rainbow Intergenerational Childcare is a VPK provider and offers preschool (Creative Curriculum), Early Head Start, and Florida's School Readiness programs.

8) StarLight Academy

1101 SW 12th Ave, Miami, FL 33129

A private The Roads daycare and preschool for toddlers and young children, the Starlight Academy provides early learning and care to help young minds grow, learn, and discover while being guided and loved by a highly certified staff.

At Starlight Academy, the teachers and staff are committed to learning new techniques in early childhood education. 

Meanwhile, Starlight Academy students enjoy play-based learning through fun indoor and outdoor activities, including group and individual sessions and day trips whenever necessary.

All Starlight Academy teachers are certified in  Early Childhood Education from the Florida Department of Education Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECP). 

Starlight Academy is a VPK provider with before and after-school care and full-day and half-day childcare.

Healthy meals are part of the tuition fees.


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