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The Compass Difference Series Pt 1

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Apr 16 4 minutes read

Trailblazers for Agents Across the Real Estate Industry

Every company’s job is to sell their brand, whether that be for products or services. That means they are analyzing every single touchpoint where a consumer or potential consumer encounters the brand and making those moments undeniably alluring. 

Compass is no different in that respect. However, Compass has joined the ranks with the leading brands around the globe that put a spin on their outreach efforts, setting them distinctly apart from others.

Compass started with imagination, with an idea. That idea grew into a purpose setting the tone for every step, big and small, that followed. Like other distinguishing brands, Compass is anchored in integrity and authenticity. 

In some ways, companies that come from this spirit have an easier time selling themselves because what they say, is always true. They never need to stretch the truth or embellish their products or services to sell themselves. 

And all of this also makes recruiting for Compass a breeze because agents naturally gravitate toward them.

One of the main things that make Compass different is its agents. When it comes to recruiting, it is a focused search for dynamic, collaborative and ego-less agents—and nothing less. For Compass to maintain its mission and vision, it requires that every agent, and employee, be on the same page. 

Compass is not a franchise like other brokerages. It is one nation-wide company with over 10k of the top agents in the US, all that have passed the 3-thumbs-up process—and yes, that’s a real thing! 

In order for a potential agent to join Compass, they must get three thumbs up from existing agents who can confirm the potential agent is collaborative and is not bringing an ego to the table. That means their selling portfolio, big or small, is not a deciding factor.

Having one brokerage that all agents belong to allows the company to maintain seamless bonds throughout, leveraging each agent with the same level of education, support, and tools, with its tech-ability setting standards across the industry. 

Agents are connected to all things tech-savvy from access to real-time market activity to marketing techniques backed by measured data. Compass’ proprietary systems keep agents connected through a well-maintained network.

Rounding out the top reasons why Compass is leading the industry: they promise a future. To do this, Compass has designed a culture that promotes both professional development, and personal growth. 

Agents that join Compass believe in their ability to reinvent the industry and deliver a superior way of doing business. Compass isn’t looking to do things the same way, but better; they are looking to orchestrate an entirely new way of doing real estate with a goal of bringing harmony and simplicity to the process. 

This vision is what fuels the culture at Compass and helps guide their agents into a future within the industry that they can look forward to, and be proud to be a part of.

Compass isn’t successful because they have a lot of money. Compass is the leading independent brokerage in the US because they have found a better way to work with agents, serve clients and make the world a better place one relationship at a time.

“Our home, priced at $1,225,000 was on the market for ONE YEAR with a local realtor without any offers...... Amit sold it in 34 days at a price we were very happy with.” 

- Alicia Sandoval

“His high-end, digital marketing for sellers is truly cutting-edge and worlds ahead of the competition. Amit also offers hands-on buyer services that are the best you will find in the Coral Gables area. Hire him for all your real estate needs!”

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