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Eating Tricks for a Healthy Holiday

A healthy holiday, is it really possible? 

It's very easy to let ourselves go especially in this time of the year. 

Parties, vacations, and of course the foods that come with these events make them even more fun! 

There are ways to manage them and fend off the holiday weight gain.

Check out our tips and tricks below. Have a healthy holiday everyone!


Eating Tricks for a Healthy Holiday

Amit Bhuta

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Dec 23 3 minutes read

Going To The Mall With A Hungry Stomach? Don't. 

It's easy to grab and eat just about anything whenever you have an empty stomach. When doing you're holiday shopping at the mall, fast-foods and other unhealthy bites are just a couple of steps away. Manage this by making sure that you eat before you shop. Planning your shopping routes will also help. If you ever have to eat at the mall, try to go for a proper restaurant over the grab-and-go eats at the food courts.

Smaller Plates Do Magic

Managing your portions is key. During family dinners or parties, using smaller utensils (plates, spoons and fork, etc.) helps you to not eat too much but still feel full. Also, try to veer away from the wide and fat kinds of glasses when pouring drinks. Go for the tall, skinny glasses. You'll likely drink 30% less based from studies.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! 

No matter how busy you get, squeeze in those few extra minutes of workout. They go a long a way. You don't always have to go to the gym. A 10-15 minute walk in the morning will do the trick. In fact, just doing your holiday errands may just serve as your actual workout. Easy right? Eat out but sweat it out!

Track What You Eat 

Maintaining a food diary keeps you aware of your eating behavior and pattern. At the same time, it aids you to carry out your fitness and health goals in this period where parties and dinner events are pretty much happening left and right.

Bring Your Own Food 

By contributing your own dish to a gathering, you ensure yourself that there's something you can indulge in that's healthy and nutritious. Eat slowly and enjoy your food. This will keep the unnecessary calories at bay.

Keep Healthy Snacks At The Workplace

Eating unhealthy foods don't always happen at home. At the workplace, make sure you keep a stash of  healthy snacks as well. If you have to really indulge, try doing something healthy first like walking around the office for a couple of minutes or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

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