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2 Things New in Star Island!

Amit Bhuta

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

I use non-traditional marketing to inspire the most motivated buyers to pay the max for Miami luxury homes...

Apr 17 5 minutes read

What's new in Star Island? 

I've all the juicy "deets" for anyone who wants to know!

Considered the "STAR" (no pun intended!) of the three floating neighborhoods on Biscayne Bay, Star Island, alongside the Palm and Hibiscus Islands, completes the trio of exclusive artificial islands south of the Venetian Islands.

Of course, a "headliner" tropical community likewise attracts residents of the same status, so it isn't hard to imagine why this lavish tropical enclave has seen its share of history, glamour, fame, and drama through the years, serving as a refuge to Miami's most prestigious celebrities and distinguished personalities.

And now, with the influx of new famous residents on the island and its ongoing community enhancements, this affluent community continues to make noise across the country, proving its status as a billion-dollar masterpiece on the water!

Here are 2 things new to watch for in Star Island.


Star Island Continues To Shine Brighter With These Newly Completed Community Projects!

Where: across Star Island, Palm Island, and Hibiscus Island

When: Happening Now!

If you're a Star Island resident, you've probably noticed the changes by the City of Miami Beach across the community due to the massive neighborhood project that commenced last 2021 for Biscayne Bay's exclusive trio, Star Island, Palm Island, and Hibiscus Island!

The community enhancement plan, called Palm, Hibiscus, and Star Islands Neighborhood Improvement Project, included the reconstruction of the islands' right of way, new water and stormwater systems, installing new pump stations and generators, upgrading sanitary sewer infrastructure, new street lights, raising and rebuilding roads, and landscaping across the communities.

Albeit there were some delays, the planned enhancements and installations reached the final stages last February, and Star Island, Palm Island, and Hibiscus Island now have new equipment, road enhancements, and a landscaping design by Craven Thompson and Associates!

Indeed, Star Island provides nothing but the BEST for its residents!


Marvel At Star Island's Newest Billionaire Residents!

Where: across Star Island

Have you ever wondered which A-list celebrities and famous personalities live on Star Island?

Well, we're solving this mystery for you!

If you didn't already know, Sean Combs, also known as Diddy, has two massive mansions at 1 & 2 Star Island Drive and has recently stirred up controversy on the island due to an ongoing sex-trafficking investigation. 

Rapper Rick Ross also closed a $35 million deal on a Star Island mansion at 37 Star Island Drive in 2023, making him one of Star Island's newest billionaire residents!

Other current residents on Star Island include Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Phillip and Patricia Frost, who has a three-story, 31,270-square-foot mansion and the biggest lot on Star Island, and Ken Griffin, a hedge fund billionaire and Citadel founder and CEO, who has been acquiring contiguous lots on Star Island since 2020, owning more land (6.5 acres) in the ultra-exclusive neighborhood than the Frosts!



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